Wilkes University Offers Small-Town College Experience in the Big City


College isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. In fact, only 65 percent of high school students who graduated in 2014 went to college, according to The New York Times. Few students who already have their college education underway know there is another “style” of college available nearby in Mesa.

Wilkes University has taught students in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, for more than 80 years. Now, the university is available in Arizona with Wilkes University Mesa.

“The type of education you get at Wilkes University—the one-on-one, personalized education where you get to know your professors and they know you—is new to this area,” says Ryan Hess, admissions counselor at Wilkes University Mesa. “The fact that we’re a nonprofit private school removes that question of what our priority is—it’s the success of our students. The only way we can gauge our success is by their success.”

This personalized education is facilitated by smaller class sizes; typically 10 to 12 students attend each class.

“When students miss class they don’t walk by my office because they know I’ll ask where they were, which they honestly appreciate,” says Dr. Marianne Rexer, primary faculty and adviser at Wilkes in Mesa. “We’re all about getting to know our students. We always end up very proud of the professionals that walk out of our doors.”

Each student visits with Rexer a few times a semester to review resumes, conduct mock interviews and research possible internships.

On the Wilkes homepage you can search your current school to see the listed courses that transfer to Wilkes University but most students choose to meet in person.

If students prefer a more personal, hands-on approach to a transfer evaluation they can visit with Hess on campus and he will go through which specific courses transfer to Wilkes based on their transcript and desired major.

“I sit down with them and I tell them exactly which classes will transfer. The only way we can gain the trust of the students, their parents, and even the community, is by being as transparent as possible,” Hess says.

“When students come to check out campus I suggest they bring their parents along so they can feel at-ease knowing what kind of education their child is getting.”

A variety of scholarships are offered to students transferring to Wilkes. You can earn your degree for as little as $1,100 per semester if you qualify for the Federal Pell Grant.

Available majors include accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, and sports and event management.

Contact the admissions counselor, Ryan Hess, to set up a personal transfer evaluation at 480.878.4407 or ryan.hess@wilkes.edu.

Wilkes University, 245 W. Second Street, Mesa, 480.878.4412, wilkes.edu/mesa


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