The Griswolds snap out of their egos


Just when you think the indie pop scene is saturated with plenty of cute bands with catchy riffs, The Griswolds come up from down under with their simple-yet-clever lyrics that cut right to the point and highlight bad break ups, loving Mary Jane and partying all night long.

They are also excellent at being extra cheeky on Snapchat, and even claim to be experts in love. Their break out single “Beware the Dog” has been blowing up and it is no surprise their debut album, Be Impressive, is a pop delicacy considering the band worked with producer Tony Hoffer (M83, Beck, The Kooks).

These pumped up Aussies are playing alongside Miniature Tigers and Party Gardens at Crescent Ballroom, which means it will be a night of non-stop fun and dancing. We chatted with Griswolds keyboardist and percussionist Lachlan West while he cruised around New York City, covering topics like Snapchat and their new album, which is set to be released August 26.

College Times: First off, who is in charge of the band’s Snapchat (thegriswolds)?

West: Uh, that would be Chris [Whitehall], the singer. He’s the Snapchat man. It’s funny ‘cause it’s one of the most direct ways you could talk to people, and y’know, surely you get pictures of dudes taking a shit or some weird stuff, but it’s kind of cool. Chris has started doing subjects and advice if anyone needs any relationship advice, and it kind of went crazy. I think he ended up breaking up marriages and making teenagers make bad decisions. It’s what we do best. We didn’t even think about doing a band Snapchat, but it’s pretty funny way to interact with people.

Your single “Beware the Dog” is really popular on satellite radio, but since it has several expletives, have you run into any roadblocks trying to get it played?

“Beware the Dog” is actually the first song the band ever wrote. It was definitely not intentional to try and be controversial or anything. We just wrote it at home in Sydney. We had to do some clean versions for the record and we were just like, “Oh, bleep it out. It won’t be bad.” There have been a couple acoustic performances on the radio that we’ve had to sing a slightly more G rated version. It feels a little weird. We are all rough Australians. We swear a lot anyways. It comes natural to us.

Wow, so it seems like the band has been off to a running start since the beginning. How do you deal with it all?

Everything is pretty new to us in terms of dealing with any kind of success I think we’re the most self-deprecating dudes. We don’t believe anything that anyone says about us that’s good. We just deal with it in our own way and squash our heads to make sure they never get big. We give each other more grief than anyone else.

Miniature Tigers w/The Griswolds, Finish Ticket, Party Gardens, Crescent Ballroom, 308 N. Second Avenue, Phoenix,, August 3, 8 p.m., $15-$17



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