The 5 best TV premieres to look forward to in March


Beware the ides of March, because the month’s TV premieres are about to knock your socks off. Get invested in these shows from the start so you can say you were watching them before they were cool.

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’
Premiered March 6
A Netflix series that’s already guaranteed for two seasons, Tina Fey brings her creative taste yet again to this hilarious show. Starring the beloved Ellie Kemper of “The Office” fame, the show follows Kimmy as she escapes an underground cult only to start her life anew in New York. This may be the expected awkward comedy we know and love, but we see that as a good thing. Anything Tina Fey throws down, we’re ready to watch.

Premieres March 20
Starring Emmy Award-winner Kyle Chandler, “Bloodline” is a story that centers around a group of siblings whose lives are turned upside down when their estranged brother returns. A Netflix series expected to be filled with drama, it’s no surprise that there’s a significant amount of hype surrounding this new show, which takes place in the Florida Keys. From the people who brought you “Damages,” it’s fair to expect the same quality entertainment, especially with such well-cast main characters.

‘Battle Creek’
Premiered March 1
When the creator of “Breaking Bad” and the creator of “House” join forces, there’s really no way a series can fail. That’s what we have here with “Battle Creek,” which features two cops fighting crime in a town called, duh, Battle Creek. With two massive leads in Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters and incredibly successful creators behind it, we’re excited to see what can be pulled together by such a talented team.

Premieres April 1
Another Marvel and another Netflix series, “Daredevil” follows lawyer by day/superhero by night Matt Murdock. It’s the first in an entire series of spinoffs that will lead up to the Defenders crossover comics by Marvel. With a star-studded cast and Stan Lee himself on the list of producers, we’re ready for just as much action as we see on the big screen in this series.

‘The Last Man on Earth’
Premiered March 8
With a star-studded comical cast, including “Saturday Night Live’s” Will Forte and “The Daily Show’s” Kristen Schaal, this post-apocalyptic comedy is promising in its first few episodes. The show’s accessible humor is great for all age groups, but Forte’s brilliant performance coming off 2013’s Oscar-winning “Nebraska” is really the highlight of the whole series.


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