That’s a Wrap: A gift guide for everyone in your life


From rekindling hometown romances to finding time to marathon the “Gilmore Girls” reboot to trying every brand of holiday cookie possible, you have enough on your plate this holiday season When are you going to find the time to scour the mall for the perfect gift? If you’re trying to catch every holiday movie that the Hallmark channel has to offer, you don’t have a second to waste. We have you covered with gift recommendations for those closest — and farthest — to your heart.

The politically opinionated uncle – Donald Trump toilet paper

Every retailer from Walmart to Amazon to Spencer’s is stocking up on gag gifts. Toilet paper emblazoned with Donald Trump’s face is the hot and somewhat practical route to go this year. We all have that one uncle who always brings up politics at the dinner table and makes everything awkward. Regardless of his political leanings, he’s sure to get a hearty laugh or another reason to rant after seeing the president-elect printed on two-ply.

The music lover – “I Feel Like Pablo” Long Sleeve Tee

We all have “that one friend” who goes to every concert and could spend three hours debating the best album of the year…on their own. From Taylor Swift scandals to his marriage to Kim K, Kanye West has been a big name this year. His “The Life of Pablo” album spawned a line of exclusive merch, only available at his concerts, including a long sleeve reading “I Feel Like Pablo” on the front. While Kanye didn’t make a stop in Arizona and has postponed his tour, your music fanatic friend can still feel a part of the drama with a copycat tee, available on Amazon or Etsy.

The overstressed coworker- an adult coloring book

If you find yourself saying things like, “We’re out of staples, it’s not the end of the world” and “The boss doesn’t hate you, Tiffany, that’s just his face,” on a regular basis, you might be more of a psychologist than friend to your overcommitted coworker. Help them calm down with an adult coloring book, available on Amazon or at Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble and Urban Outfitters. Choose a peaceful design like puppies and not office supplies. Don’t worry about markers though — you know she owns every color highlighter already.

The Disney devotee – Tower of Terror swag

It could be anyone: your younger brother, older aunt, zany cousin —we all know a Disney fanatic. The one in your life is probably devastated after California Adventure announced its Tower of Terror attraction is closing in January. Help alleviate their pain and feed their addiction with Tower of Terror swag available on Their selection includes phone cases, t-shirts and sweatshirts. If they’re going to miss their favorite ride so bad, they might as well do it in a $40 hoodie!

Any girl in the world – a Lush Cosmetics gift card

You’ve seen a gaggle of colorful bath bomb photos, courtesy of Lush, this year. What is Lush anyways? The UK-based cosmetics retailers specializes in natural and organic shampoos, conditioners, body washes and bath bombs. Miles from Tempe, Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall houses the largest Lush in the world. Whether that gal in your life needs a good spa night, cares about the environment or just wants a cool pic of a pink, sparkly bath, she’ll find something in her wheelhouse here.

The fitness fanatic – Hydro Flask

There are water bottles and then there are Hydro Flasks. The vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottles are a step up from your tumblers and hard plastic coffee cups. While they come in all kinds of colors and make great gifts for anyone, the 40-ounce wide mouth is the perfect present for the “fitness guru” in your life. You know, the one who brags about how much he loves to hike but spends the majority of his time on his iPhone? Maybe he’ll finally get the hint with this water bottle. Either way, he’ll be hydrated.


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