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Arizona Girls Pint Night Out Explores the Finer Side of Beer

Published: Sunday, April 1, 2012

Updated: Friday, July 20, 2012 14:07

Girls Pint Night Out

Courtesy Alyssa Medina

If you’re a female who prefers a frosty glass filled to brim with your favorite brew over a fruity concoction or a glass of red, then Arizona Girls’ Pint Out is a group after your own heart.

The Arizona chapter of the national organization was founded in 2010 by local beer enthusiast, Maureen Basenberg. Arizona Girls’s Pint Out is  women’s craft beer group that aims to expose women to different craft beer experiences through monthly events, both social and educational. The goal of the group, Basenberg sayd, is to highlight women’s enjoyment of beer.

“I had a lot of girlfriends who drank wine, but I was into craft beer” she said.  “I knew there were other girls who were also into craft beer but I didn’t know where to find them.”

Through social media, Basenberg came across the original Girls Pint Out group in Indiana and thought it was something Arizona beer culture was missing.

Getting support from the ever-growing community in The Valley for her all-female beer organization was not a problem for Basenberg, who is an active member of the Arizona Society of Homebrewers and is well known in the local beer community for her knowledge in the realm of hops and ales. Basenberg was even named one of the “Top Five Most Beerfluential People in Arizona” by local beer bloggers, The Brew Bros. It’s an honor, she said, that comes from years of developing a palate for craft beer by world travel and taking part in tastings and festivals.

“It’s a really exciting time, I’d say worldwide, nationwide and certainly within Arizona, for lovers of craft beer,” she said.

And so with the support of the Girls’ Pint Out organization, as well as the backing from many people within the local beer industry, Arizona Girls’ Pint Out launched its first event at SunUp Brewery in Phoenix.

“I threw it out into the universe to see if there was any interest, and there was,” Basenberg said.

The group holds an average of two events a month. That could look like anything from a beer tasting to a tour at a local brewery or a pairing event that teaches women how to marry food and craft beer.

Last year, Arizona Girls’ Pint Out launched a unique beer tasting event called “Style Series” which is designed to help ladies experience and learn more about each style of beer’s unique range of flavors and aromas.

“Within the world of craft beer there are numerous categories and types of beer, so we’ll host an event that highlights different breweries’ versions of that style,” Basenberg said.

Arizona Girls’ Pint Out is not a membership-based organization. Any girl interested in joining the group must only be beer-curious enough to RSVP on their Facebook page or drop into any of their events. As many as 80 women have attended a single affair, but the total varies, and Basenberg said there is always room for more.

Whether you’re a beer expert or a novice, and no matter if you are 23 or 53, Arizona Girls’ Pint Out welcomes everyone, Basenberg said.  The point is to take the intimidation out of drinking and trying new beer – and perhaps acquire a more sophisticated beer palate along the way.

On May 31, Arizona Girls’ Pint Out will celebrate its second anniversary at the original gathering spot, SunUp Brewery. In honor of the group, Brewemaster Uwe Boer will do a special tapping of a commemorative beer he brewed just for them.

What year three will bring for Arizona Girs’ Pint Out? Brasenberg said she just hopes to spread the word about how approachable and likable beer can be and hopes that other can latch on to her love of the ale, the grolsch and the lager.

“It’s brought a lot of happiness to my life so I like to share that with others,” she said. “It is a craft and I like to celebrate the individuality and the creativity that it is.”

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