OK Go still on the go, gathering new inspiration along the way


Thanks to its viral videos, Los Angeles indie rockers OK Go have been able to perform in some pretty exotic places, says bassist Tim Nordwind.

The act—best known for its treadmill-riding appearance in the “Here It Goes Again” video—will head to Russia next year when, Nordwind hopes, the political crisis will continue to stay quiet.

“I want to be excited about playing Russia,” he says. “I’m always excited to go to different and exotic places. We’ve played there before. I’m sort of aware of the fact that it’s slightly more dangerous than when we were there five or six years ago.

“I guess you just have to assume that there are people like you and me who want to see a rock show. I want to play for those people.”

OK Go will be playing for American audiences until later this month, when it swings through Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom on Friday, October 24.

“We’ve got a brand new live show that’s very interactive and multimedia,” he says. “There is a lot of crazy confetti that gets shot out. It’s a big party. It’s a party, parade, rock show and theater all rolled into one.”

The jaunt is in support of Hungry Ghosts, the band’s fourth studio album. Nordwind says the collection was inspired by the band members’ childhood love of ‘80s music like Prince, INXS and New Order.

“We made a record that sounded like music we listened to growing up in the ‘80s,” he explains, “Those are exactly the bands that we really loved at the time. It has that fun spirit of ‘80s pop, but I don’t think it sounds like ‘80s pop, but it has the spirit of that stuff.”

It also captures that vibe of writing songs in the moment, in the studio.

“There’s something fun about making songs a little bit more in the moment than when you’re actually making them,” he says. “There was something fun and fresh about making it up on the spot that we really enjoyed.

“That was an experiment for us that we really enjoyed. This record feels a little bit more like it represents as we feel right now.”

OK Go has a busy year ahead of it, starting with the release of its video for “I Won’t Let You Down.”

“They’re also developing a couple other videos,” he says. “There’s a TV show that’s possibly in the works. We’ll be going overseas the beginning of next year to do a bunch of shows.”

He has OK Go’s videos to thank for those.

“There are a lot of places that we’re able to play where our records aren’t released, but they know the videos. I think we’ve benefited from that.”

OK Go w/Jared Alan, Crescent Ballroom, 308 N. Second Avenue, Phoenix, 602.716.2222, crescentphx.com, Friday, October 24, 8:30 p.m., sold out



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