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Ten Indications It’s Fall in Arizona

Published: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Updated: Thursday, September 20, 2012 13:09

Ten Indications It’s Fall in Arizona

1. Pumpkin flavored drinks have taken over your coffee shop and everyone is obsessing over them
2. Fall seasonal beers are out and pouring from beer taps at your local bars
3. The Halloween candy has hit the shelves a little early, so you stock up...for the kids, of course
4. You find bathing suits and winter coats in the same department at the store
5. You look at the National Weather Forecast and get jealous
6. Girls around campus start thinking its okay to leave their homes wearing furry winter boots and short shorts
7. The nights start earlier, which means the drinking can too
8. Days by the pool are replaced with tailgating and football games
9. You’ve overcome the “this semester I’m going to get straight A’s” craze and choose to sleep in instead
10. The temps are below 100 and you break out the winter clothes

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