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Norah Jones's 'Little Broken Hearts' is Surprisingly Uplifting

Published: Thursday, May 3, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 18:05

Norah Jones

Little Broken Hearts
(Blue Note/EMI)
Grade: B+


Norah Jones’s album Little Broken Hearts is clearly about heartbreak, but it’s also so much more. It’s a wonderful album with plenty of truly great songs that you wouldn’t know are themed unless you listened closely.

Jones outdid herself on the songwriting. They are pop songs – really good ones. This album was produced by Danger Mouse and it shows. It is a crisp, refreshing record that should reinvigorate fans of Jones.

The album is, more accurately, a collaboration between Jones and Danger Mouse, who helped push the songs and played many of the backing instruments. It’s a marriage in heaven that resulted in 13 truly satisfying songs.  

Sure, it’s all about heartache, but it’s not dark and gloomy. It’s quite the opposite – funny, clever and honest. Broken Little Hearts captures real emotion in songs that could easily stand on their own as singles.

The track “She’s 22” is particularly catchy, as Jones keeps reminding herself of her lover’s new partner. She asks over and over again, “Does she make you happy?” and ends the song with, “I hope she makes you happy.”

There is nothing forced or fake in Jones’ voice. Her raw emotion is effortless and relatable. 

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