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Miike Snow's Latest, 'Happy to You', Does not Disappoint

Published: Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Updated: Monday, March 26, 2012 17:03

Miike Snow

Happy to You

(Downtown Records/Universal Republic)

Grade: B+


In 2009, Miike Snow’s song "Animal" was a huge hit. It seems to be playing everywhere and certainly piqued the interest of many. 

It has been three years since the Swedish American band put out its self-titled debut album. It seems to be the necessary time to avoid a sophomore slump. While this album isn’t as straightforward pop, there is no reason to dismiss it. The dance-synth-pop trio does not disappoint with Happy to You.

The single “Padding Out” is an excellent example of the contagious cosmic songs Happy to You is all about. The album is full of instant dance hits but also has plenty of variety that gives it depth. “Devil’s Work” and “The Wave” are definitely what you would expect as far as thoughtful pop jams, but other songs seem to flirt with darker meanings.

“God Help This Divorce” is so frank it’s almost funny and “Pretender” is hyper-honest and hopeful. Singer Andrew Wyatt isolates himself as he sings, “I didn't wanna wake up but then I felt your touch/now I notice that I drink too much and the turning of the universe.”

Every song deserves a second or third listen. While Miike Snow’s debut album might have instantly worked as shopping background music at Urban Outfitters, Happy to You is better suited on its own. Given time to breathe, the quality of the work truly shines through. 

The songs are layered and there is plenty attention to detail. The amount of brass instruments used is much appreciated. There is even a hidden surprise as Lykke Li lends her vocals to one of the slower tracks “Black Tin Box.”

Each track has plenty of cinematic qualities, getting bigger and intricate as they progress. Overall this album is one that grows on you and digs into your skin a bit.

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