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Ed Baker Playlist

Published: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Updated: Thursday, September 13, 2012 13:09

The Shins

Annie Beedy

The Shins

Ed Baker is a man of many skills and talents, one of which is DJing for the editorial office at College Times HQ. This is a job the man does not take lightly. The musical wheels are always turning and you never know what he’ll play next. We’re going to miss your weird and random musical knowledge, Ed. Thanks for the tunes.

The Shins
"Fall Of '82"

Ed Baker understands just how special The Shins and their music are to an office environment. We’ve heard this new album, what, 25 times?

“Plastic Beach”

There’s not much to say about this flawless song, except it’s the sound of Ed gettin’ hyper-focused.

“Buzzin Bee”

Nothing boosts office moral better than playing this song with a GIF of a dancing husky.

“Giving You the Benefit”

A delightful R&B song about cheaters from 1990? Yes. Absolutely.

Minus the Bear
“My Time”

Everything about Minus the Bear is fabulous and Ed would like you to recognize. You will probably see him at the Minus the Bear show in November, so buy him a drink. 

Night Ranger
“Sister Christian”

This 1984 hit single is a popular first dance song at weddings, at least according to the internet, and we all know the internet never lies.

Michael McDonald
"I Keep Forgettin'"

This is the secret to how College Times gets made.

Collie Buddz
“Come Around”

Bermudian reggae is necessary in any playlist, especially one for your workplace.

Right when you think you’re safe and all is right in the world, Brokencyde ruins everything. Ed, however, appreciates a bit of neon-colored crunkcore every now and then.

Blonde Redhead

Just because we couldn’t end it on a bad note.

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