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Atlas Genius 'Through the Glass' EP shows off a band worthy of attention

Published: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 19:06


Atlas Genuis
Through the Glass
(Warner Bros.)
Grade: B+

Atlas Genius must have a fairy godmother, because you don’t hear about many bands hitting it off and making a hit song on their first try. The Australian trio (brothers, in fact) recorded “Trojans” in the fall of 2009 and uploaded it online without any expectations. With only one song under their belt, the guys of Atlas Genius were being courted by record labels and growing in popularity.

Through the Glasswas recorded earlier this year after the band signed to Warner Bros. Records and it is a three-track EP that allows fans and industry folks alike to see what the band is really made of.

“Trojans” kicks off the EP as a more polished version of the song that made them so popular. It’s a likable and memorable song and is also the only point of reference when moving on to the other two tracks.

“Back Seat” has a killer beat and is a pretty impressive pop song. It has traces of electro dance beat – a bit like Friendly Fires but ultimately the song is all their own. “Symptoms” is quite possibly the best song on the EP. It is an entertaining track that guides listeners through a lyrical and musical storyline. Singer Keith Jeffery creates a cinematic feel that begs to be illustrated visually.

Atlas Genius had a lot to prove with this EP, and they truly stepped up to the plate and proved they deserve the attention being thrown their way.

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