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Treasure Mammal Pushes the Envelope with Interesting Comp Album

By Ana Anguiano • College Times

Published: Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Updated: Thursday, August 2, 2012

You never forget your first Treasure Mammal show. They are not a sit-down kind of band and they might be a bit much for the shy, introverted type. It’s a full on interactive experience with plenty of unexpected twists, turns and Shake Weights. They’re the kind of band that you have to see and experience to believe. Front man and cheerleading captain of sorts Abelardo Gil describes their live performances as a camp-like experience where all the camp counselors are on LSD.

So what happens when you mix Treasure Mammals’s “motivational party noise” with some of Phoenix and Los Angeles’s best bands? You get Bringin It Together Like Pangaeaa compilation album unlike any other.

Gil started the project out of his love for both cities and put it out on his label, Kingdom Mammalia Records.

“I’ve lived half my life in Los Angeles and half my life in Phoenix and I’ve played a ton of shows in LA and a ton of shows here and I just wanted to somehow blend those two scenes together on an album and then put it out on a 12-inch record,” Gil said.

The album artwork is by Jason Moore and requires a wicked sense of humor and a strong stomach, as it depicts four severed penises forming the LA Dodgers’ logo. 

The album title is a chant taken from a Treasure Mammal song and Gil found it to be appropriate. The sound of continents crashing into each other has never sounded better.

The featured artists are just as unique as one could hope. There’s an array of musical genres and noise snippets all on one compilation.

Local favorites Andrew Jackson Jihad are possibly the tamest band on the album, with the song “Inner City Basehead History Teacher.” Local band Roar added its cosmic flair in its cover of Treasure Mammal’s “Bromance.”

Space Alien Donald, aka “the world’s oldest Canadian rapper” according to Gil, is featured with his addition “Robot Rap.”

Jacob Cooper, the drummer for San Diego’s Wavves, has a track on the album from his band Heaven. Cooper and Treasure Mammal go way back, touring several years ago when Cooper was in Bark Bark Bark. 

LA electronic band Captain Ahab cover Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt,” using nothing but samples from Michael Jackson’s album Thriller.

These songs shouldn’t work together but somehow do. It’s “groovy with what the fuck moments,” according to Gil who intends this compilation to be the start of a series.

“I’ve been in the music scene for a little bit more than a decade and this is my gift to Arizona,” he said.

In the future he hopes to feature bands from other areas of Arizona. He already has the second comp in the works, which will be released on a cassette. Bands from Tempe, Tucson, Flagstaff and Phoenix will all get to join into the crazy ruckus that is Bringin It Together Like Pangaea. Eventually he hopes to put out a DVD, and only Gil knows just what that entails.

For Gil, this release is all about unifying people and introducing talented artists to one another. 

“I’ve always loved bringing people together no matter what (a party, a show), but since I’m mostly involved in music I try to put together wacko shows,” he said.

The same mentality is what brought about the album.

“When you put great artists together, it’s super special,” he said. “[I’m] trying to get everyone involved to make art, push the envelope and have fun.”


Treasure Mammal w/The Roar, Mini Bosses, Father's Day, Space-Alien Donald, Hawnay Troof, Whitman, Captain Ahab, Essay, Trunk Space, August 4, 7 p.m., $6


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