Making money the easy way without a job


As college students, making money isn’t always easy. From academics to social life to trying to fit in a good night’s sleep, balancing a job on the side isn’t always possible for some of us, not to mention the difficulty of even finding one near campus.

But what about other ways to make money—ways that might not require a job?

We’ve put together a list of quick and easy opportunities for you to make money outside the norm to feed your pizza and beer nights, and hopefully enjoy doing so in the process. You won’t exactly become a millionaire off of these ideas, but hey, money is money!

Donate Plasma

Believe it or not, there are opportunities to make some quick cash from those people from the United Blood Services that are always blowing up your phone. You can make up to $400 a month by offering up some plasma, all while helping out someone who really needs it.

“I did it a lot when I wasn’t working last year,” says Arizona State University junior Richard Fink. “You get paid $50 for your first five visits, then after that it depends on your weight. I’d be making about $250 a month doing it, but after a while my arms started showing the needle marks so I stopped doing it for a while. I even funded a short film with it to pay for food for my actors, costumes and makeup, things like that.”

Play video games

Yes, you read that right. With video game streaming service just having been bought out by Amazon this past summer, there’s more room than you might think to make money online. It’s free to start, and if you’re the type of person who enjoys playing games while also entertaining a crowd, you could make some serious money. As more and more people check out your channel and watch you play, viewers can donate money to you, subscribe to your channel for $4.99 a month if you get partnered with Twitch, which then opens doors for running advertisements on your stream. Gaining viewers isn’t easy, though, so make sure to be entertaining!

Sell aluminum cansnium cans

Keep your economic footprint smaller than ever by collecting cans to give back to recycling centers. Depending on where you go and how much you collect, you can earn anywhere from $.50 and up per pound. Save up your soda and beer cans, put them in a separate bag, and at the end of every month, head over to places like I Buy Scrap in Tempe to turn it all in for cold hard cash. They accept other metals too, such as car batteries, electric motors, radiators and steel.

Sell previous textbookstbooks

We all know college costs an arm and a leg, especially with books. So why not make life easier on you and those you know by selling to each other rather than to and from the bookstore? Copies of certain texts can be over $300 per copy, while the bookstore will only purchase it back for a quick $25. Save yourself some money by buying that $300 textbook from a friend for lonely $150, while they make more of a profit than they would have selling it back to the bookstore. You can also use websites like Chegg, Amazon and eBay for great selling opportunities, too!

Sell your clothes

Fashion is constantly changing, but that doesn’t have to make it expensive. Heading to places like My Sister’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange means you can get rid of old clothes that might not fit or are out of fashion, then make some quick money back by selling them for cash on the spot. Things that are newer and more fashionable will sell for more, while your old Hollister jeans from 2008 might not go for too much. Vintage stores are all the rage, and as a broke college student, who needs to shop at department stores anyway?


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