Making friends with Hustle and Drone


It’s high stakes party time when Red Bull puts on an event, but we are pumped they want to foot the bill to what will surely be a massive dance party. Hustle and Drone is hitting three Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tucson along with Classixx, Superhumanoids and The Flavr Blue for a couple Red Bull Sound Select shows.

You can get in for free if you RSVP at, although you have to show up a little early, but Hustle and Drone’s front man, Ryan Neighbors, promises everyone a crazy, packed show.

Neighbors was previously the keyboardist for Portugal. The Man when he decided to leave in 2012 to start his own band. The Portland native says the band took their time with their new material and wrote the songs over the course of a year and a half.We chatted with him about his new loosely “Smells Like Teen Spirit”-inspired video and
his new album, Holyland, which will be released September 2.

College Times: What was it like filming the video for “The Glow?”
Neighbors: In an NBA arena? That was crazy. I’m obsessed with basketball and the NBA. I played basketball for my whole life and followed the Blazers my whole life. I was thrilled when the opportunity arose, and even more thrilled when we got it, and then even more thrilled when I got to play basketball and shoot hoops on the court where the Blazers play, during the playoffs.Shooting hoops was almost more thrilling for me than setting up my musical equipment on the court. It was actually making a shot in a place where I watched games my whole life. Pretty cool!

Is it nerve-racking having someone dunk over your head?
They had trampolines. I trusted them. There were some close calls. I could have got a shoe to the nose but I never did!

My favorite track off the album is “Skinbread,” but is there a track that you like more than the others?
My favorite track probably changed often based on how long we had them. I think overall it’s “Bhikshu.” That was the most meaningful song to me on the record and it has an energy and vibe that I’ve been chasing for quite some time that I finally captured. It’s emotional! It’s an emotional song. That’s why I like it.

Is that the song that’s about a dog?
That’s the song that’s about a dog, yes—a dog that didn’t have much longer to live. He was walking around a creek and I had a guitar; that’s just what the song happened to be about. I couldn’t escape it, it was right there in front of me. It was my friend’s dog. I don’t even know much about the dog but at the moment it captivated me.

That must be nice for your friend having a song written about their dog.
Yeah, totally. They appreciate it. Friends like that. I take requests. Any friend that has a dog, I will write a song about that dog for them.

Can we be friends?

Classixx w/Superhumanoids, Hustle and Drone, The Flavr Blue, Crescent Ballroom, 308 N. Second Avenue, Phoenix,


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