It pays to party during the Super Bowl… literally!


The only thing better than a good party, is getting paid to be at a good party.

It sounds too good to be true, right? But multiple entertainment agencies are looking for young, attractive women to attend their events for the upcoming Super Bowl XLIX. There are “interviews” (which usually consist of a bunch of cute girls wearing cute clothes, drinking and mingling with one another at a busy nightclub) being held throughout the month of January, and they want you!

If you’re thinking this is sketchy, we don’t blame you. We’re all sick of hearing open-ended offers from random promoters and this seems like yet another scam, but it really isn’t. There is real moolah to be made here, ladies. These companies specialize in the entertainment industry, and know what they need to do to host an incredible party. Let’s face it—a party is barely a party without fun, cheerful, attractive women.

Steve LeVine Entertainment, an entertainment and public relations agency based in the Valley, hosted a casting call on Saturday, January 17 at LiveWire Scottsdale. Upon walking into LiveWire, there were several beautiful young women in black cocktail dresses, smiling and talking with one another, with SLE employees ready to meet their prospective models.

Amongst the early-arrivals was bubbly blonde, Jordyn Fruth. Fruth is a 20-year-old marketing major at Arizona State University experienced in working for entertainment companies similar to SLE. She was there hoping to expand her career in modeling and hospitality. She says women interested in these jobs need to always remember to “be yourself”.

“They want girls that are personable,” she says, “it’s a great way to brand yourself.”

Fruth later admitted that going into casting calls can be intimidating at first. Her advice to new comers is to ask plenty of questions.

“Don’t stand in the corner,” Fruth says. “I guarantee the other girls are just as nervous as you are. Mingle!”

In order to capture the employer’s attention you have to be friendly, fun, welcoming and have a flexible schedule. The Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the year, and becoming a part of it in any way is exciting and helps tremendously with networking skills. These events are easy to manage and because they usually take place on weekends and rarely interfere with school schedules.

If you’re interested in applying or attending one of the casting calls, visit, or to fill out an online application or get more details on other events to come.


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