How to Survive the Dreaded Long-Distance Relationship


Long-distance relationships are tricky. Many high school and college graduates attempt to stay with their significant other despite moving to different parts of the country, often putting stress and strain on the relationship. Many people believe that long-distance romances always lead to breakups, but that’s not necessarily the case. These relationships can succeed if gone about the right way. We asked college students in LDRs for their advice on doing long-distance. Here’s what they had to say:

“My boyfriend and I were long-distance for a little over a year. We would see each other during the summer or Christmas break. We FaceTimed and texted every day, or at least tried to. At the beginning of the year, we both decided we would make a sacrifice for each other, so we both moved to Arizona and transferred to GCU. He came from Liberty University in Virginia and I came from Mount Hood Community College in Oregon. It was a struggle being that far away from each other, but I’m just so glad there’s no more distance anymore. It was definitely worth the wait!”
-Natalie R., junior

“One of the biggest things that helped me was not holding high expectations for communication or time together. One of the most difficult things we struggled with was expecting the other person to reach out or be more available, and that didn’t always help. There were some days where we resented each other for not meeting each other’s expectations. Once we were able to just enjoy what time we did have instead of counting down to it, it was a lot better.”
-Brittany R., junior

“I think one thing I definitely noticed is how much more time I had on my hands. You spend so much time with that person when they’re with you and then when you’re back to being distanced, it can feel really empty and lonely. I try to make sure I’m always busy with either work or friends or other things that keep me from dwelling too much on feeling sad that I can’t see them.”
-Deborah K., junior

“Communication is key! Seriously. Long-distance kind of forces you to have those serious conversations early on. If you feel uncomfortable about the relationship, speak up as soon as possible so you two can work through it together.”
-Meg H., recent graduate

Hopefully these tips can help you and your partner keep your relationship intact despite the distance. If not, remember, there are lots of fish in the sea — fish that live closer.  And if you’re missing your bae, make sure to check out College Times’ “Doing Long-Distance” playlist on Spotify!


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