“How do you define beauty and what is the first thing you think of when you hear the word?”


“The first word [that]pops out to me is ‘inner,’ just because it means more. Like your inner beauty—how you treat people, how you feel about yourself. I guess the external beauty is kind of [what]society makes it.” – RACHEL SHEDDEN, GRAD STUDENT, ASU

“Everyone has a different opinion about it, obviously. For me, it’s about how you act around people. Who you are [and]how do you treat others—that’s a true beauty for me. The first word [I think of] is character.” – ALONZO MONTALVO, JUNIOR, ASU

“Beauty is anything that’s aesthetically pleasing. Anything [that]just looks good to the eye has some level of beauty to it. The first thing that comes up in my mind is actually my girlfriend.” – MITCHELL HUGHES, FRESHMAN, ASU

“I mostly look at personality. I’m really not much about what people look like. The first word [I think of] is smile.” – FRANK SALGADO, FRESHMAN, ASU



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