For Body Canvas Tattoo, your bod is a work of art


Getting a tattoo is a really big deal. It’s permanent, so picking the right parlor is crucial. Luckily, Body Canvas Tattoo, a Phoenix tattoo and piercing, isn’t your run-of-the-mill shop.

Here, no tattoos are exactly the same because the artists believe in making the tattoo as unique as you are. Owned and operated by Antonia Samora, she ensures that no matter the desired tattoo design, her artists work closely with customers to create an end result that reflects both personality and artistic brilliance, as she discussed with College Times.

College Times: What made you want to open a tattoo parlor?

Samora: Actually, my dad was a business man and he owned this tattoo parlor. My dad owned the business for eight years, but now he’s 83, so I took over in March.

When is your busiest time of year?

October really picks up. Summer ends, and people don’t want to not get in the pool with new tattoos, so they usually come in after summer. But generally, usually February and March are the busiest times of year because of tax season.

What’s the most common tattoo request or design?

Lettering is the most common tattoo request, like words. Cherry blossoms are really big right now. I’d just say the Hawaiian flowers and other flowers, and people also want lettering.

On what part of the body do most people request tattoos?

Right now, I’m finding the wrist is the trendy thing to do. With guys, it’s typically the arm by their muscles. (Laughs)

Let’s say a customer wants the name of someone they love tattooed. Do you go through with it?

My artists try to talk a customer out of a name of a boyfriend, wife, etc. tattoo because it’s generally a bad idea.

Along those lines, are there any tattoos you refuse to do? Why?

I have two artists who refuse to tattoos owls because it’s against their culture.

Are there tattoos your artists wish more people would request?

I have an artist who wants to do portraits. Portraits are big. If [tattoo artists]can do portraits, you’re a really good artist. Watercolor is new, too, and it’s kind of just hitting the scene.

What makes your tattoo parlor different?

My tattoo artists actually draw their own tattoos instead of computer-generated methods other tattoo artists use. I have one artist who refuses to copy other work. I mean, if a customer comes in with a design, he’ll use the idea, but change it up to add his own spin to it.

Since Halloween is a spooky time of year, do people tend to request Halloween-inspired tattoos?

Yeah, around this time of year we have a couple of people who, in October, want Tim Burton-inspired tattoos. There’s definitely a generation, maybe early 30s, that follow that Tim Burton style.

Body Canvas Tattoo, 2303 N. 44th Street, Suite 3, Phoenix, 602.840.7000,


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