Football Fashions: Little Earth provides stylish solution to Sun Devil Stadium’s new clear bag policy


As the gridiron Sun Devils prepare to kick off their season, students and fans will see changes other than the massive renovations.

This season, fans must abide by a stringent clear bag policy, which requires all bags entering the stadium to be transparent and no larger than 12 x 6 x 12 inches. Alternatively, fans may bring in a 1-gallon plastic storage bag. The policy was effectuated to enhance security and efficiency during football games. Clear bags streamline security checks and make it more difficult to obscure harmful or illegal objects.

However, this doesn’t mean ladies have to walk in on game day rocking a Ziploc bag.

Pittsburgh-based lifestyle brand Little Earth manufactures apparel and accessories for fans of professional and collegiate sports teams. They have designed a line of clear, trendy purses adorned with the Sun Devils logo to accommodate the stadium’s new policy.

Little Earth CEO Rob Brandegee says the brand’s “special sauce” is focusing on the fashionable female fan.

“There are a couple of other companies that make clear bags, but they tend to focus on very utility-driven bags that frankly are just more about price than they are about design or features,” he says. “We really try to emphasize something that we think a female fan is going to enjoy and thinks is cute.”

The company released four designs for the upcoming season: a clear envelope purse with a chain crossbody strap, a versatile waist pack/crossbody bag, a tote and a larger “clear crossbody carryall,” all emblazoned with the ubiquitous pitchfork.

Brandegee says he took a look at past Little Earth purses and trends to create designs that are simultaneously practical and fashion-forward. He says women have notoriously had to suffer through decades of impersonal trinkets and accessories, particularly in the sports world. Little Earth aims to seamlessly combine a woman’s passion for fashion and their favorite sports team.

“We try to make stuff that’s cool, that they’re like, ‘Oh, this is really hip, I like this. I would buy this on its own merit, now it’s got my favorite team on it,’” he says.

When coming up with designs, Brandegee says current trends are the most important thing. He says the company keeps their fingers on the pulse of fashion overseas. Blending fashion with functionality is key.

“At the end of the day, it is a sporting venue, not a fashion show,” he says. “You have to walk that line between trend and what women going to a football game would be comfortable wearing.”

Little Earth’s clear bags are available on Amazon, and local retailer Just Sports, which has 10 locations across the Valley.

Little Earth also produces a number of logo-adorned accessories such as handbags, scarves and headbands.

“We do a wide spectrum of things but more often than not, it always kind of leads us back to this fashionable female fan, she just wants something that’s cute and cool,” Brandegee says.


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