‘Do you really care about the atmosphere of where you’re living or can you pretty much sleep anywhere? Why do you think it is important or unimportant?’


“It definitely matters because I can’t sleep if it’s too loud or too bright. It’s very important because I’m very picky about that.” – BRANDON MATTHEW LEAVER, FRESHMAN, ASU

“It’s very important and I care about it because I’m a big fan of organization, so living in dorms is nice because things are more organized. For example, in the dorms, they keep everything organized and ready to go. We don’t have to search for things on our own. It’s simple.”– MANUEL MORENO, FRESHMAN, ASU

“I’m living on campus right now and the atmosphere has been really nice so far. Sometimes people are noisy, but you can just tell a RA to solve that problem. I do care when I want to sleep. I think being able to get a good night of sleep is important, especially the night before a test. I don’t really care if it’s during the weekend, but I can get really annoyed for nights before tests.” – JULIAN IRALU, FRESHMAN, ASU


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