Brush With The Law: Tempe Lawyer Helps Students Get Out Of A Jam


Attorney Michael Munoz vividly remembers the days when he was a university student. So he takes an open and honest approach when he meets with established or potential clients.

“I try to have no sales approach at all,” Munoz says. “I’ll be honest with them, whether or not it’s good or bad, from start to finish. I think clients like that.”

A former county prosecutor, Munoz has had his own firm for several years and solely focuses on criminal and DUI defense.

“I’m very close to the college, so we get a lot of business from college students,” he says. “There are some offenses that are more common with college kids like alcohol and drugs, unfortunately.

“The most common thing that we see is drinking offenses. The two most common are minor in consumption citations or charges, or minor in possession charges of alcohol.”

Each case, Munoz says, is a “bit of an adventure.” He has worked with challenging or stressful cases that have serious consequences. He calls “minor in consumption” cases the most challenging.

“But I’ve had cases where people are facing prison time because of multiple drug charges. Those are even more challenging,” he adds. “I enjoy it all. It’s not boring.”

Part of his job is to help kids charged with crimes save face. After all, they could be applying for jobs soon, and criminal charges won’t bode well when a background search is conducted.

“Some people get lucky and never have a brush with the law,” Munoz says. “It’s very competitive in today’s world. Good jobs are very hard to come by.”

Overall, he just enjoys working with college students.

“They’re usually just kids and they’ve made mistakes that kids just make,” he says. “Sometimes they’re not mistakes. Sometimes they’re innocent. We defend cases just as hard for an innocent person or someone who may or may not have committed a crime.

“I enjoy them because people make mistakes at a young age. They’re not bad people. They need the representation and we do everything we can to help them so it doesn’t affect their future.”

2039 S. Mill Avenue, Suite A, Tempe. Munoz can be reached at 480.378.0807


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