Bad Water Tap Room brings laid-back vibe to bustling Old Town Scottsdale


Old Town isn’t exactly known for its low-key atmosphere, but Bad Water Brewing is out to change that.

Exchanging the upscale opulence of the area for a laid-back vibe, doors officially opened to Bad Water Brewing Tap Room in late September, culminating a two-year dream of company president and Valley local Lewis Kubitz, who opened the Bad Water manufacturing facility in 2012.

Their beers, which are designed in Arizona and brewed across the United States, include a Saison, an IPA and a Western Lager.

Following quality control issues with their original brewery out in Tucson, Bad Water Brewery shortly stopped production in order to provide what they thought would be the best product. Production has since moved to a brewery in Wisconsin that is not only the second-oldest brewery in the United States, but also ranked the tenth best.

College Times talked to Kubitz about the opening of the Tap Room.

College Times: What sets Bad Water Tap Room Brewing Company apart from other breweries in the Valley?

Kubitz: I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I think we set ourselves apart in two ways, the first being the brand. We definitely have a unique, progressive brand. We’re Bad Water Brew and that has its own set of uniqueness in flavor to who we are and what we do has a lot of depth. The second is our beer styles. All of our beer is made with different yeast, making each beer have a different undertone. It all kind of circles around the flavor, but we want our beer to be very drinkable. Our beer is meant to be drinkable. It’s not a one-and-done kind of beer.

What are your future plans for the company and for the beer?

When you have a time horizon for your company, where you see company going in five years…well, we’ve kind of reached that mark. But right now, we are making a push for larger distribution to shelves, and long-term maybe a brewery here in town but we want to stay true to our model and brand.

Are there any plans to brew a holiday beer or a new beer that people should be looking out for?

We are definitely looking at doing a seasonal beer. I don’t know if it’ll be this year, but absolutely. Probably look out more toward the first of the year.

How and why did you want to open a brewery and tap room?

There is no one answer with this. Timing is probably most of it. I’d say the love of beer…it is the mix of the right amount of freedom, the love of beer and the love of consumer goods.

Bad Water Tap Room, 4216 N. Brown Avenue, Scottsdale, 480.748.4460,


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