An Examination of the Pros and Cons of Going Home Vs. Traveling For Spring Break


Deciding what to do for spring break can be a tough decision. In high school, you could basically either sleep through it or go on a short vacation with your family. When you’re in college, there are a few more decisions. Specifically, you can choose to go to a party destination with your friends, or you can go back home and visit the parents and family you left behind. But, which one is really better? Below we examine the pros and cons.


Going back home can be a good option for those who are looking for a quiet getaway from the hubbub of college life. Even if you have a ton of siblings, I’m betting that your childhood home is not as wild as a spring break party, or even the dorms. You can visit all you favorite places from childhood and adolescence and with any luck your old friends’ spring breaks will line up with yours. Get the whole crew back together and forget about the reality of adulthood for a little bit, all while eating some home cooked meals that actually taste good—not to mention they’ll be free.

On the other hand, you’ve probably gotten used to a certain degree of freedom at college, one that you may not be able to have when you go back to visit your parents. Staying up until well past midnight, eating greasy and sugary foods and going out into the city at night are all parts of college that parents might not want you partaking in when you’re back home. And depending where you’re from, there are probably no big parties in your hometown to ring in the start of spring. Also, not all of us come from glamorous towns like NYC, San Francisco or San Diego, and spring break affords us a chance to visit one of these exciting places, if possible.


Ohh, the allure of travel. Who among us is strong enough to not fall prey to it? There are countless “spring break destinations” famous for their fun in the sun mentality, like Miami Beach and Cancun. If you choose to go to one of these places you get the plus of not having to leave your friends behind and checking out a cool new place with them. For those of you who are freshman, spring break is probably your first chance to go on an extended trip with a new group of friends.

However, spring break is also the longest amount of days in a row with no school during the second half of the school year. It could be your last chance to visit home before summer, if you don’t live close to campus. If you’ve been feeling homesick, going to a new place might not help with that. Although it could get your mind off your homesickness, it probably won’t cure it. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve traveled, even with all the fun, it’s made me long for the stability and familiarity of my hometown. Visiting your parents could replenish you and give you the strength you need to finish off the semester strong.



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