6 Apps to Help you Keep your New Year’s Resolutions


Whether your resolution is to lose weight, get organized, spend less or save more—there’s an app for that. After your midnight champagne toast, make the most out of your New Year’s vow to yourself with everyone’s favorite distraction: technology. Except in instead of choosing the perfect Snapchat filter, use your phone to stay on track—unless your resolution is to take more selfies.

If your New Year’s resolution is to…

Save Money

Mint puts all your financial info in one place, making it easy to look at the whole picture. Add your accounts, cards and bills and get an idea of what you have, what you owe and how to manage it. You’ll see where your money is going and, more importantly, how to make it last. The app crunches the numbers based on your income and budget and categorizes everything in real time so you can calculate your rent to spend more money on concert tickets or skip that cup of coffee to save up for a big trip. The app also generates a free credit score.

Travel More

Now that you’ve saved up the money to go on an epic adventure, you need to figure out where you’re going, how to get there and where to stop along the way. Whether you’re embarking on weekend getaway or planning an epic cross-country excursion, Roadtrippers is a travel companion you can put in your pocket. The app helps you discover potential pit stops like quirky roadside attractions, under-the-radar restaurants, scenic spots and nearby hotels along your route. If you’re rolling with the whole squad, you can share your trip with them, and allow them to add suggestions to the itinerary. 



If you’re planning a trip across the world instead of across the country, Skyscanner is a great way plan a big excursion without the big expense. The award-winning app is a one-stop shop for the avid adventurer. It allows users to easily find flights, hotels and rental cars so you can plan your next journey from start to finish. Find the cheapest days and months to fly, get immediate alerts when prices drop and compare flights from dozens of airlines. Get travel inspo by selecting the “Everywhere” tab in the destination box to browse locales around the world. If that gets too overwhelming, you can also filter your search by duration, number of stops, airline and departure and arrival times. The best part? There’s no hidden fees to book through the app.

Get Fit


MyFitnessPal is the largest calorie counter on the market, featuring over 5,000,000 foods in its database. It also serves as a diet and exercise journal so you can document your daily activity. Users can track and import recipes and log entire meals with the click of a button and sync it with other fitness apps like Apple Health, Fitbit and Runkeeper. You can also receive personalized advice based on your individual diet profile and get motivated by viewing your progress over time. Do your friends always roll their eyes when you snap a pic of your food? The app recently added a feature that allows you to add photos so you can keep a visual record of your last meal and get inspiration for your next one.

Get Organized


This handy digital tool was voted the best app to get organized by CNN, USA Today, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Mashable. It seamlessly syncs all your tasks, notes and calendars so you’ll never forget to prepare for that presentation or wish your best friend happy birthday again. The app includes smart alerts that help you get to where you’re going on time and remind you what’s next on your agenda like a personal assistant urging you to be punctual.

Stop Procrastinating


If deadlines aren’t your strong suit, try 30/30, which helps users constantly stay on top of their tasks. It allows you to make lists, set timers and create categories that make getting stuff done fun and easy. The app is a great way to compartmentalize chores or homework to give you the kickstart you need to get through your day.


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