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4 products for a fresh face in the heat


The summery days of 100+ degrees temperatures might be numbered as we approach October, but when you’re trying to look your best during those first few weeks of classes, 70 degree temps can’t come soon enough.

No one looks good with makeup melting down their face. No matter how hot it gets, there are ways to prevent a full-fledged meltdown. Start with these products.

AHA or BHA exfoliants

These chemical exfoliants won’t prevent you from getting sweaty, but they will help with any oiliness that breaks through during the day. Don’t fear the word “chemical”—these are simply cosmetic acids that are actually good for your skin, including scarring, discoloration and acne. Extended use will cut oiliness without making you a dry, peeling mess. We like Stridex Extra Strength (the one in the red box), which is a BHA available at most grocery stores, or Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Gel, available online at paulaschoice.com.

Makeup setting spray

Setting spray is essentially a non-sticky hairspray for your face. It locks in your makeup and makes it stay, even when you’re sweaty. Some brands are better than others, but Urban Decay’s All Nighter is a known winner among beauty fanatics. At $30, the UD spray comes at a hefty price. An alternative is NYX’s Matte and Dewy Finish Setting Sprays, which come at a fraction of the price at $8 and are widely available at Ulta and Target.

Blotting sheets

Sometimes sweaty weather isn’t just about sweat—it’s about oil production. If your oily skin goes bananas during these hot days, carry around blotting sheets, which are available from just about every makeup and skincare brand in the grocery store. If you’re feeling broke, here’s a little hack: Those seat liners in public bathrooms work just as well. It seems a little gross, but they totally work. They’re great in a pinch, so tear off a piece and get blotting.

Quality makeup

OK, it seems obvious, but better makeup wears longer throughout the day, even when faced with the elements. Cheap makeup will wear off easily, so in some cases it’s worth investing in essential items that last. Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner, for example, is great for a cat eye look and will stay all day, just as the name suggests, even when the rest of your makeup melts away. At $20 it’s not exactly cheap, but it lasts about six months, which is better than buying a ton of $5 options that give out mid-day. If you’re looking for the best of the best, create a makeupalley.com account and read their extensive product reviews. The reviews community-generated, so you can cut right through the marketing hype to see what really works.


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