11 Things to Bring to a Music Festival


Sunshine, spring and green grass can only mean one thing in Arizona – festival season! From foodie paradise to concert heaven, Arizona has festivals for every occasion. However, every fest-veteran knows there’s nothing worse than being stranded without all the necessities. Grab a pen and start a checklist; we’ve got 11 things you’ll want to bring.

Between photos, directions, texts and Wi-Fi, your battery power is sure to go fast. Portable batteries to recharge your phone run from $20 to $140 – definitely worth the cost to make sure your phone doesn’t die during your favorite song… again.

Between the food, merchandise, rides and parking, you’re gonna need some extra dough. With sure-to-be exorbitant ATM fees, you’ll want to make sure to get some cash, in case vendors don’t take cards. Throw it in your wallet alongside your ID, especially if you’ll be hitting the beer gardens.

Whether you opt for the “sun-brella,” a sun hat or just a baseball cap, you’re going to want some shade at your disposal when the sun hits hard during the afternoon.

If you’re planning to park it on the grass for any extended period of time, you’ll want a blanket to rest on. The best part is that it doubles as a wrap, come any cold breezes at nighttime.

Nobody’s got time for a $5 water bottle, so BYOB! While a lot of festivals have water fountains or water bottle refill stations, they may have different policies regarding metal or plastic bottles. Make sure to check the festival’s website to ensure your method of hydration is allowed in.

There’s gonna be photo ops galore, so you’ll want to make sure you look your best. Plan your outfits carefully; you never know when the dream Instagram opportunity will arise.

Between people-watching, performers and art, there’s sure to be some cool sights at any festival. If you’re looking to snap some above-average pics, ditch the phone and go for a camera.

Check the forecast on this one, but if you’re planning to stay at a festival into the evening or chillier temperatures are expected, you might want to bring a jacket to layer up. Bonus cool points if you rock the “tied-around-the-waist” look while the sun’s out.

Portable toilets, bacteria, germs – oh, my! If you’re looking to freshen up your hands before a slice of pizza or you’ve got trust issues when it comes to public restroom sanitation, you might want to consider bringing a pocket-size or keychain hand sanitizer.

Festivals were created as a way to bring people together and celebrate. Don’t forget to bring someone to share your amazing memories with.

It’s harder to remember than you’d think!


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