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Twin Peaks is filling its fall tour with new material and the classics


By Haley Lorenzen, College Times

Twin Peaks singer/bassist Jack Dolan describes his Chicago- based band as “purely rock ‘n’ roll, and it’s a little bit trippy these days as well.”

He will bring his high-energy live show and psychedelic, garage rock sound to the Crescent Ballroom on November 18.

“We came to Phoenix on one of our first tours, and I think there was this band who used to play there called the Diners who hooked us up with a show when we were like 18,” Dolan says.

“So, I always remember the really early days of going out there.

“It’s a really nice little community of music folks out there that we respect because we have such a strong one ourselves in Chicago.”

Twin Peaks was formed in 2010 by childhood friends Dolan, vocalist/ guitarist Cadien Lake James, vocalist/guitarist Clay Frankel keyboardist/guitarist Colin Croom and drummer Connor Brodner.

Twin Peaks’ debut album, 2013’s “Sunken,” cemented the band in the Chicago music scene. Since then, it has released three other albums, including its breakthrough album, 2014’s “Wild Onion.”

Its latest release, “Lookout Low,” is roughly 40 minutes of live, unabashed rock ‘n’ roll. Released September 13, the 10-song album’s recording process was full of firsts for the band.

“This record was the first one we’ve done as a live band,” Dolan says. “It was the first one we’ve done overseas and the first one we’ve ever done with a legitimate producer.”
In between tours, the group began writing demos, before taking a “pretty significant” amount of time off, Dolan says. Then, it headed out on a six-day tour, where it road- tested the new songs.

“You never really know how people are going to react to it, but people have really taken to it really well, especially live,” he says.

“Once we started really practicing for the record, it was about a month of playing every day, trying to get all the sounds right.”

After rehearsals, the band traveled to Wales, where it spent three weeks recording the record with producer Ethan Johns, whose credits include albums with Paul McCartney and Kings of Leon.

“I think the goal was to get out of our comfort zone a little bit, and I think we definitely achieved that this time around,” Dolan says.

“It really lent well to our strengths, being a really solid and really tight band, and just one with chemistry that people feel transfer over to the record itself.”

Writing the album was quite simple, as four of the five band members penned the songs.

Twin Peaks’ latest release, “Lookout Low,” is roughly 40 minutes of live, unabashed rock ‘n’ roll. PHOTOS COURTESY TWIN PEAKS

“Individuals will bring a song to the group and then we flesh it out together, add our own little visions to each piece, and then we decide whether or not it’s good enough for
the group,” he says. “Sometimes it’s not and sometimes it’s really easy and it just instantly clicks.”

On its upcoming tour, Twin Peaks will perform new songs and plenty of classics.
“You can always expect the same sort of energy every time you see us,” Dolan says. “We’re always going to be that sort of band, but we get better every time.”

As for what’s coming next for Twin Peaks, Dolan says he’s not sure.

“The plan is to keep touring as much as we can on the record now that it’s out,” Dolan says.

“We want to have a little time to continue writing and build on all the music we can still write with four songwriters in the band. We always have stuff we can work on. Maybe
another single series, or a record, or something in the next year. We’ll see.”

Twin Peaks

Crescent Ballroom, 308 N. Second Avenue,

Phoenix, 602.716.2222, crescentphx.com, 8 p.m.

Monday, November 18, tickets start at $17.


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