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Top 5 Places to Study


By: Joe McHugh

Studying can be daunting and time consuming. Sitting down and piling knowledge into your brain does not sound like an ideal way to spend an evening. There are ways to make studying easier and more fun. Proper studying tactics, study buddies and interesting ways to study all make the time you are taking to prepare more fun. But why not add one more thing to that list? Finding a cool place to study can make the difference in enjoying your time learning or dreading it. So here are the top five places to study.


This might be controversial, because it is not the most exciting place to study, but you’ll focus on what you’re working on. Some study in their bedroom, but that comes with distractions. Nearby video games, phone use and friends can take your mind off the task at hand. A study room allows you to be completely locked in. There are rarely distractions, as usually you are the only person in that room. Throw on a good studying playlist and find your way to that A.


If quiet and alone is not your thing, then try a local coffee shop. It provides a new atmosphere and eliminates that feeling of being alone. Everyday worries are gone, too, like why there are so many bugs in your room, whether you need to do your laundry or anything else off topic. Buy a coffee or your favorite drink, sit down and listen to music to help you get in the zone for your next test.


If being locked in a room or a confined space is not your thing, then fear not. Your local park can be a perfect place to study. Being in a room for a long period of time can make you stressed and unmotivated, so take your studies outside. Feeling the breeze, listening to the birds and getting sun are all good ways to break up the boring part of studying. You can find an internet connection in most parks, so it will be a great place to get your work done.


With less noise and more room to focus, the library is similar to the study room. However, the library has more resources. Along with a comfy chair and Wi-Fi, there are librarians who specialize in answering questions and directing visitors to a place where you can get the knowledge you need. Take advantage of this and get to studying.


I know we’ve said previously the bedroom isn’t the best place, but it may be good for some. It is a comfortable place where you can focus in peace and quiet. One way to spice it up is to have a buddy over so both of you can get the grade you worked hard for. Overall, these places are great for getting you where you need to be for that upcoming quiz or final exam. Studying can be fun, and these places are sure to keep you focused and prepared to get your A! CT


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