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The Ultimate Guide to Phoenix’s Lost Lake Festival


Lost Lake Festival’s inaugural event is being held at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix from October 20 to 22. Lost Lake’s creators worked with cultural leaders in Phoenix to put together a festival that portrays the Valley’s unique style and tradition. The weekend features a diverse lineup of over 40 musical artists, as well as several other unique experiences to make it a comprehensive event filled with food, fun, art and music.


Lost Lake attendees can listen to over 40 acts throughout the course of the three-day festival, with music ranging from rock to hip-hop to Latin. Headliners for each of the three days will be Chance the Rapper (Friday), The Killers (Saturday), Major Lazer and Odesza (Sunday). There are also a few Arizona artists on the list of entertainers, including Bogan Via and Playboy Manbaby. There will be a total of four stages hosting performers each day, creating a monsoon of music throughout Steele Indian School Park. Three of the stages will be main music stages hosting artists throughout the event, with the fourth being smaller and hosting a range of music, culinary and art shows.




Almost everyone has an inner child, and Lost Lake is giving attendees a chance to let that child run wild with The Lost Playground. There will be an array of at least ten life-size field games, perfect for letting loose with some friendly competition. Included in the games is Big Ass Billiards, which brings together the physical concept of bowling and the setup and rules of billiards. Another massive game to play will be Colossal Croquet. Players can run after their ball and under the arches that are typically only a few inches off the ground. “It’s something that’s never been done before at a festival, so it is something we are breaking ground on,” says Superfly cofounder Rick Farman, co-founder of Superfly, which is putting on the festival. All of the games will be available to play all day, and will feature LED lights at night.


Phoenix Flavors. The Lava Pit. Brew Park. Nectar of the Gods. Two food experiences, two drink experiences, thousands of satisfied stomachs, one great time. Phoenix Flavors brings together over 25 local restaurants to showcase their best food for the festival. Attendees can enjoy anything from Mexican cuisine to desserts and juices to traditional comfort food. Plus, there will be the chance to taste what has been named the best pizza in America from award-winning chef and Lost Lake culinary ambassador Chris Bianco. Lost Lake producers enlisted Bianco for his pizza talent, as well as his ability to cultivate the perfect group of local eateries to feed the festival.

And if that doesn’t sound like the perfect menu, The Lava Pit will feature barbeque from the Valley’s own Tom’s BBQ and Starlite. But don’t forget that hydration is key, and Lost Lake is bringing in 20 craft brew companies to make that a priority. Included in the breweries are Mother Earth, Hop Valley and Blue Moon. Want more than just beer? Head over to Nectar of the Gods to celebrate the use of agave in different mezcal drinks.  


Lost Lake participants can wind down while admiring some artwork from across the Valley. The festival’s fences and stages will be decorated by local Phoenix artists. In addition to festival decorations, attendees can admire pop-up art booths around the park. “A big part of what this is about is celebrating everything that’s rad about the Phoenix culture,” Farman says. Another way Lost Lake creators are celebrating Phoenix is through the Marketplace experience, where local vendors will sell one-of-a-kind products ranging from jewelry to crafts to clothing. “We are getting some of the best boutiques, crafters, creators… to come together in this marketplace to sell their stuff,” Farman says.



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