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THE RIGHT TRACK: A peek inside the playlist of Phoenix’s most influential people | Louis Resnick


Louis Resnick plays drums in Phoenix four-piece The Sink or Swim, which has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the Valley’s alternative music scene and beyond. The band continuously crushes it, whether it’s a cozy set at Crescent Ballroom or a high-energy performance at a local festival.

Resnick is influenced by both classic rock and current alt outfits, but he also has no shame in admitting his admiration of mellow musicians like John Mayer. Get to know a little more about Resnick through the music that influences and inspires him and be sure to check out The Sink or Swim’s set at West Valley Beer Festival on February 17 or KJACK Live Arts Festival on February 23.

“I grew up in a musical family and my dad was and still is a drummer. There was always a kit in the house and I was exposed to the good stuff early on. I didn’t really know I wanted to pursue this as a career until I was 10 years old; that’s when I started taking it seriously. I loved old bands like CCR, Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath but quickly found a love for modern alternative bands like Arctic Monkeys, the Fratellis and The Strokes. I saw tons of concerts and my life quickly became all about music. My goal as a musician in this scene is to be a tight drummer, and help bring good songs to the table. I’ve always thought songwriting was the most important factor of a band. I don’t care how hard you shred if I’m not singing the song in my head after I hear it. The Sink or Swim tries to only put out the songs we are most proud of, and we hope you all enjoy our new record, Oasis Unknown.”


“Ripple,” Grateful Dead
This song will always hold a special place in my heart. My parents went to a Grateful Dead show while my mom was pregnant with me and my dad used to sing me to sleep with this when I was younger. Forever a classic.”

“Wish You Were Here,” Pink Floyd
“This really needs no explanation. Find me a song that puts you in the feels more than this one. Maybe “Comfortably Numb?” Pink Floyd man, Pink Floyd.”

“505,” Arctic Monkeys
“When I started playing drums, I got really into the European alternative scene. This band stuck out to me musically, lyrically and stylistically… the content, the guitar tones, the messages. I molded my drum style around Matt Helders and ended up seeing the Arctic Monkeys three times. I have a tattoo of them on my arm and they will forever be one of my favorite bands.”

“Anti-D,” The Wombats
“This song got me through some hard times. I think that The Wombats are one of the most underappreciated bands from Europe in the last decade. Lyrically on another level, this song just helps you feel like everything will be OK in the end.”

“Take It Easy,” Eagles
“The Eagles are easily one of the greatest bands of all time. Find me a group that can harmonize this well and I’ll pay you $100. This song is just relaxing and takes you somewhere else. I really appreciate the pure skill of each member as well as their relatable lyrics. We need more bands influenced by the Eagles.”


“I am an avid Spotify user. I think it’s a no-brainer. Pay $10 a month for unlimited listening and the ability to create and share playlists with friends? No-brainer. I like listening to music while driving in the car on full blast with the windows down, but nothing beats a live show.”


“I would probably choose A Rush of Blood To the Head by Coldplay. It’s one of my go-to vinyls and if I was alone on an island in solitude I would probably be listening to this on repeat.”


“‘Necromancin Dancin’ by Bear Ghost. This band is on another level. Sorry, everyone.”


“Anything by John Mayer. He’s a god among men.”


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