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THE RIGHT TRACK: A peek inside the playlist of Phoenix’s most influential people | HotRock SupaJoint


There’s one thing local rapper HotRock SupaJoint likes more than sick beats and skin-tight pants, and that’s the sweet leaf. You can find the local legend on stage taking stoner rock to a “higher” level, slinging beats and spitting rhymes, rocking bell bottoms, a handlebar mustache, a giant, curly wig and his favorite accessory — the devil’s lettuce.

The Phoenix-based rapper’s flashy persona and profanity — and slang-laden lexicon — beg the question “Is he for real?” We don’t have the answer to that question, but we did have an entertaining email exchange with him. We’ve tried to preserve HotRock SupaJoint’s unique linguistics as much as possible, while limiting the amount of four letter words he frequently uses (except the four letter word “weed,” which he uses probably more than anything), and to which he credits his creativity: “I got into music through my weed man back in the day, an’ now I be here.”


“The Bank Account Song,” Louis Cole
“The s**t totally rock, yo. I found it on the Interwebz through my FB feed, an’ homey be all like playin’ funky jazz drums wit the total funk keyboard sound, while he be singin’ all about how he be too scared to check his bank account/ I totally relate to that yo, wit this new mixtape I be droppin on 4/20 callt Bitches Love Mixtapes, cuz releasin’ s**t be expensive yo… not as expensive as my weed habit, but close.”

“F**k It All Up and Get High,” Andy Warpigs
“I be mixin’ Andy’s new album, so that’s the song I done heard the most in the past 24 hours. S**t’s dope, yo. This song real personal to me, cuz I love weed homiez, an’ f**kin s**t up while I be getting’ all high an’ s**t be what I be all about.”

Pretty much any track, Cypress Hill
“Cypress Hill be the soundtrack to my youth homiez, gettin’ high an’ shit. All they songs about weed, an’ since I be all about the weed too, this song be the song I want to be playin’ at the pearly gates when Bob Marley pass me a spliff.”

“____,” Pootie Tang
“Someday imma record somethin’ as groundbreakin’ as this track from 2001… I ain’t holdin’ my breaf till then though, homiez. Jus’ sayin’.”

“Royal Jelly,” Dewey Cox
“Man, homie jus’ be hittin’ all the important s**t on this track yo, an’ I be a lil amazed that it didn’t blow up on the radio like Drake’s new s**t be doin’ back when he drop that movie. Song totes make me cry always, homiez.”

Well, my fave stoner movie be this indie flick that came out back in 2015 called Fakest. There’s this one song on that soundtrack calld ‘Weed Money,’ where the dude in the movie be all like, ‘Yo, buy my CDs an’ s**t so I can go buy some weed wit that money.’  When I saw that song in the theater, I was all like, ‘OMG yo, I totes relate to this s**t.’ The dude be all wearin’ chick pants an’ a wig too, so I saw a lot a myself in that dude. He be wearin’ them glasses wit the reflective coatin’ on ‘em, so I jus assume a lot of otha peeps see themselfs in that dude too… reflectively speakin.”

“‘Happy Birthday Mothaf**ka Hell Yeah Smoke Weed’ by SupaJoint be my fave song about weed.”

Most music I be listenin’ to now be music I be findin’ on the Interwebz, like through YouTube an’ through my FB feed, cuz that’s where all the newest s**t live now, homiez.”

“I refuse to admit guilt eva, an’ since I be a rapper, most of my live performance basically be ‘rap’aoke anywayz, homiez. But fo’ the classic, I throw it all the way back to the ‘80s fo’ that REM ‘It Be The End of the Earf As We Know It an I Feel Fine, Yo’ track. I dig it cuz them words be so fast. I don’t know ‘em, so I just rhyme about how much I love weed during them verses. I don’t think anyone notice the dif.”


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