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THE RIGHT TRACK: A peek inside the playlist of Phoenix’s most influential people | Amy Young


Amy Young is proof that girls rock. She plays drums in local bands French Girls and Sturdy Ladies and her playlist includes a song for every possible emotion. Take a peek inside her playlist for jams that express an equal amount of hopeless romanticism and reckless abandon.


1. “O My Soul,” Big Star
“Honestly, there isn’t a Big Star song that I don’t like but this one is the most sentimental to me. It’s a chunky, swagger-y love song that exemplifies a little bit of that recklessness that you feel when you initially realize you’re just nuts about someone. And by ‘you,’ I mean ‘me.’ It has such a great progression that doesn’t whack you over the head but builds with energy and abandon. The song has a circle around it and inside the circle is butterflies, and lust and chaos.”

2. “Made Up Dreams,” Built to Spill
“Every Built to Spill song is a journey and this is my favorite trip of theirs to take. I don’t know how they meant it but to me it’s a check-in when things feel extra insane.”

3. “Lay Me Low,” Nick Cave
“Contemplating life by thinking about how you’ll be remembered is intensified by Nick Cave’s bellow and brilliant band.”

4. “Telephone Line,” ELO
“If you want to understand feeling of true desperation, listen to this song.”

5. “Twilight Time,” The Platters
“The single most romantic song ever.”

6. “Cause Insanity,” No Mind
“No Mind was a Canadian hardcore band in the ‘80s. This particular song was the final song on their album Tales of Ordinary Madness, and it isn’t like anything else of theirs. It’s the most wicked, rocking, psycho-meets-psychedelic track about being, maybe literally, nutso for someone. I guess I like extra expressive songs about feelings.”

7. “Fair Touching,” Guided by Voices
“Impossible really for me to pick a favorite song of theirs…But when he sings, ‘Currently fabulous/And perhaps/The song you sing will have meaning,’ there’s a starkness in his voice that shatters me.”

8. “What Love Is,” Dead Boys
“No song riles me up like the angry teenage me like this one.”

9. “Fly,” Nick Drake
“Tender and heartbreaking. One of my favorite lines ever: ‘I just need your star for a day.’ One of the best singer/songwriters and guitar players ever.”

10. “Shine a Light,” The Rolling Stones
“Darkness and hope – it’s what we get and what we do with it.”

“In a cold, dark room on a really great stereo. I love vinyl but I don’t care if it’s a CD or cassette as long as the sound is nice. It’s just such a nice way to shut everything else out and focus on the music.”

“Surrender,” Cheap Trick


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