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THE RIGHT TRACK: A peek inside the playlist of Phoenix’s most influential people | Alexia Rodriguez


Alexia Rodriguez started post-hardcore project Eyes Set to Kill in Phoenix in 2003. Her harmonious vocals and visceral lyrics, backed by blistering breakdowns made the band an instant standout in the scene. But it wasn’t always easy for the Arizona native. Music became an outlet and escape for her at an early age:

“Growing up school to school in Arizona was very difficult for me emotionally. I was being tossed between cliques, losing friends and getting through my parents’ divorce, so naturally I grew to have a relationship with music because it was the only thing I didn’t find pain in. It was like having a friend to relate to when there was no one else to talk to.”

Once Rodriguez decided she wanted to write music, she started ESTK and began playing shows, developing her sound, getting involved with the local hardcore scene and playing shows with other successful local bands like Blessthefall and The Word Alive. 

“The AZ music scene definitely impacted the early stages of Eyes Set to Kill,” she says. “It’s awesome to see that we are all still touring the world 10 years later.”


“Street Spirit,” Radiohead
“I discovered Radiohead a long time ago, but it took me a while to dive into all their albums. But when I heard this song, for some reason I felt a personal attachment to it. I don’t know why, but that goes to show how mysterious the power of music can be.”

“Ghuleh/Zombie Queen,” Ghost
“I found out about Ghost through an article online about their album art controversy. I loved their music and was shocked when I looked them up. I love this song because it goes from a piano-driven ballad to a hard rock dark surfer vibe.”

“Identity Crisis,” Thrice
“Thrice is my all-time favorite band. I heard them through a group of friends in middle school. The band got me into heavier music and the song is so positively nostalgic for me. [This song] was my first guitar riff I ever learned and the beginning of my obsession with them, and also they introduced me to post-hardcore and melodic hardcore.”

“Sappy,” Nirvana
“My mom listened to Nirvana when I was growing up so I became a Nirvana kid. I loved ‘Sappy’ because it was like a sad, dark Beatles song to me.”

“Sextape,” Deftones
“I discovered Deftones through an old boyfriend. I love how the guitar tones coincide and almost mimic the lyrics about the water.”


“I’ve never been one to go out and buy expensive Bluetooth headphones because I figured the majority of the world has the iPhone ones and I like to hear the world the way it’s mainly being listened to. I will say that I do love the Spotify playlists, and it is my favorite way to discover new music when life starts feeling stale.”


“You Oughta Know,” Alanis Morissette
“This song is my favorite to sing at karaoke because I love when a female artist isn’t afraid of saying what she means and feels — even if it’s negative or dirty — and this song has so much anger and frustration that I know women and men can relate to.”


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