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The Right Track: Isiah Brown


Christina Fuoco-Karasinski    College Times

Grand Canyon University basketball player Isiah Brown is a multitalented wonder.

Not only does he shoot hoops, but Brown is a musician who’s studying arts and digital film with an emphasis on screenwriting.

“I write songs, rap and sing,” Brown says, “I’m in the process of learning how to produce, too. But that’s on hold until after basketball season.”

Born in Anchorage to Gerald and Yolanda Brown, the college student moved to Seattle with his family after his seventh-grade year so he could pursue basketball. He’s following in the footsteps of his father, who played college ball at Alaska-Anchorage from 1978 to 1985 and in professionally in Germany.

His parents inspired him to pursue music as well as basketball.

“Music was always around my house,” he says. “Both of my parents were into music; same with my grandparents. I listened to a lot of different stuff growing up.”



“PSA (Public Service Announcement) by Jay-Z

It’s my favorite Jay-Z song. He’s my favorite rapper and it’s the first song I remember as a kid. I remember memorizing all the words. It’s one of my dad’s favorite songs, too, I remember being really young and knowing every word. It’s a song I’ll never forget my whole life.

“Hustler Musik” by Lil Wayne

“Hustler Musik” is my favorite Lil Wayne song. It’s another one of those songs I definitely remember from an early age, like 9 or 10. Me and my dad heard it in the car and I’ve loved it ever since.

“The Ride” by Drake and The Weeknd

I committed this song to memory right away. I loved it.

“Love” by Nipsey Hussle

That’s a song I heard when I first moved to Seattle. I didn’t know anybody at first. It was the first Nipsey Hussle song I ever heard. I had to know who that guy was. His lyrics are something that’s close to me.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

I grew up listening to a lot of different stuff. My dad was into rock and folk music. When I was growing up, I listened to pop music and alternative growing up. I was a big Nirvana fan, a Kurt Cobain guy. I loved the instrumentation that I heard. It was a song I learned when I first started playing in band.

“Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson

My dad, my mom, grandparents—everyone else in the world—we’re all big Michael Jackson fans. I remember the video for “Dirty Diana”—really vividly. It was a different sound for Michael. It was dark and smoky. It’s always been one of my favorite songs. That’s a special one. It gets me out of my seat.

Preferred way of listening and why?

In the car, late at night, driving through the city. I love the vibe of listening to music in the car. Music always sounds best to me there.

What artist would provide the soundtrack for the movie about your life?

Drake and Tyler, the Creator

Favorite song by an artist from your country?

“Mr. Tambourine Man” by Bob Dylan for a country song; “Black” by Pearl Jam for a rock song.

Go-to guilty pleasure track or classic karaoke tune?

“Let Me Love You” by Mario. If I had to do karaoke, I’d choose that one. It’s another one of those songs that I was really into in the early 2000. I remember when that song came out. I love the timing of the word and I love belting it out in the car.



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