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Style Corner: How to Health Goth


You would never know it by looking at the sea of overly-tanned sorority girls on campus, but pale is “in” in the world of fashion.

From “special snowflake” beauty bloggers to dull-skinned models, pasty is the new healthy, especially if you’re a “health goth.” The cousin to “normcore,” the health goth trend is all about reappropriating an overdone, boring style and turning it into something exciting, bold and new. Plus it’s really comfortable!

Suck the color out of your life (and skin!) by going to the dark side. One with a gym.

Dark tones of grey and white might be acceptable, too, but for the most part you’re going to want to wear all black all the time. You might want to consider dying your hair black, too, if you have an especially warm or inviting look. Black lipstick and eyeliner are the only acceptable tones, unless you want to get crazy with a deep, dark blue or purple.

All athletic clothing is cool if you’re a health goth. Track pants, sports logos, athletic branding, sweatshirts, dolphin shorts, tube socks—they’re all kosher, as long as they’re black with white or grey detailing. Basically you should look like a ‘90s Nike ad in grayscale.

This look is all about confidence, so if you feel foolish, you’ll look foolish. After all, this trend IS foolish, but it looks cool on the right person. In order to be the right person, you just have to totally own the look. And you’ll have to be the sort of person that doesn’t need anyone to tell you to own a look. So basically, if you’re reading this, maybe skip being a health goth entirely.



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