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By Annika Tomlin

In 1776 the first Greek student society (Phi Beta Kappa) was founded by John Heath at College of William and Mary.

Laughing for 10 minutes can make you burn between 20 and 40 calories.

The first written use of “OMG” was by Winston Churchill in 1917.

Sacha Baron Cohen addressed the 2004 class of Harvard University in full Ali G costume and character.

McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada owns 14 pieces or a whole fifth of Albert Einstein’s brain.

Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to watch television for 3 hours.

Until 2015 it was against school policy for Brigham Young University students to grow a beard.

NASCAR drivers can lose up to 10 pounds of sweat while driving because of high inside temperatures.

Researches from Heidelberg University Hospital have determined it takes 6 minutes for alcohol to impact human brain cells.


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