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By Annika Tomlin

At this year’s Arizona State Fair, 1,384,269 came through the gates.

In the fair’s 23 days, 220,000 plush toys were won.

Most people do about 75% of their breathing out of one dominant nostril.

The Food Network debuted in 1993 focusing on high-class restaurants and intense cooking techniques.

American soldiers received 22 sheets of toilet paper per day during World War II while British soldiers only had 3.

20% of mugs at work contain fecal bacteria.

Mexican scientists found that the heated vapor from 80-proof (40% alcohol) tequila blanco can form diamond films.

There are 100 nanograms of nicotine per gram of eggplant compared to 2 milligrams of nicotine per cigarette.


People sigh about every 5 minutes.

The sound of a black hole is a B-flat, 57 octaves lower than the middle C.


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