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‘Like A Girl Changes Clothes’: Dressing for Arizona’s Springtime ‘Hot N Cold’ Weather


I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I swear, Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold,” was definitely based on Arizona’s weather. My name’s Taylor, and because I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life and have a dangerous love for fashion, I have an endless supply of tips and tricks for dressing when the weather’s too hot, too cold, or downright indecisive. I’m thrilled to be College Times’ new fashion columnist; every month I’ll provide helpful style tools and report on the latest trends that won’t break the college budget.

It’s practically February, which means Arizona’s nearing that time when the mornings and nights are freezing (at least for natives), but the midday is hot. Rather than bundling up in dozens of layers and shedding them come lunchtime, consider these tools to get you past this tricky season:

Tip 1Long shirts provide length to cover legs and avoid bone-chilling wind, and the short sleeves make it easy to air out midday. (Pictured shirt: Zara)

Tip 2 – Leggings, when they aren’t see through and are worn appropriately, are a life saver. Be sure to find a thinner material that allows for breathing. Champion brand leggings from Target (pictured) are my go-to: thick enough to stay warm, thin enough to avoid sweating.

Tip 3 – Trousers from stores like Forever21, Charlotte Russe or other more budget-friendly shops are key. These pants are stylish and typically lower quality, which means thinner and helpful during midday heat.

Bonus Tip – Wear tights on mornings too cold for thin trousers. Take them off before lunch and toss them in a purse—they take up little-to-no room.

Tip 4 – Material is key when it comes to overcoats. Blazer-style coats have material on the outside that keeps bodies warm and lining on the inside that cools skin. (Pictured: H&M) For colder days, try thin wool coats that keep body temperatures just right. (Pictured: handmade coat from Zara.)

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Photo by Spencer Dennis



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