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I wish I had known: Things to consider before moving into an apartment or dorm


 By Alex Gallagher

There is plenty to be anxious about when moving out for the first time — like finances or roommates.

With that in mind, here is some advice before you embark on your journey into what is called “the real world.”

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s calling a repairman for a fridge or a friend to fix furniture. Be prepared as well for things to break or to not work right, items can always be replaced but you cannot.
  • Manage your mental health. Life can get stressful but make sure to save time for yourself.
  • Balance your social, work and academic lives. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the pressures to maintain a social life all while attending school and holding down a job.
  • Lastly, make sure to choose a reliable roommate as this can make or break your friendship and or living situation. Motivated, neat and reliable people are best.

Below are some more tips from people who left home to attend college or to make their own path.

Celeste Sepessy, Tempe

“Don’t take everything personally!”

Marc Rosenfeld, Tempe

“Don’t go for the cheapest things on the market. You may save a little money but when everything breaks, you’ll get annoyed.”

Rio Wiley Stinger, Phoenix

“Have a weekly routine of chores and errands for a clean and productive space.”

Jacob Coleman, Tempe

“Do not move in with people you’ve never met.”

Jacob Umbower, San Diego

“I wish I would have picked a better roommate.”

Lori Silance, Rochester Hills, Michigan

“I wish I would have known how expensive the costs of everyday living are. I was completely unaware when I first moved out.”

Ale Velvick, Monterey, California

“Don’t live on the top floor if you make too much noise or walk heavily and don’t live on the bottom floor if you’re a light sleeper. Your experience will also depend on the type of person the manager of your apartment is. If they are bad, it’ll be awful.”

Myrian Ochoa, Scottsdale

“Save up for emergencies and/or big spends.”

Kayla Livingston, NAU McConnell Dorms

“Make sure that your apartment has enough room for you and your roommates to have personal space.”

Jacob Blackburn, Tempe

“Take notes about every flaw that is evident in the apartment or dorm. It helps with your deposit.”

Emi Larkin, Athens, Georgia

“Rugs are super expensive!”

Abigail Anderson, St. Louis

“Have a plan to split your utilities among your roommates. Also check the surrounding area to see what kind of stores are nearby and what things there are to do in the area.”

Cierra Storbeck, Grand Forks, North Dakota

“I wish I had known my rights as a tenant. I had so many landlords take advantage of the fact that I was going and didn’t know my rights and I thought I had to put up with a lot of unnecessary things from them.”

Chase Sigman, Summerville, South Carolina

“Have a plan when you move out. Moving from the bedroom of your parents’ house to an apartment takes a few cars, meanwhile moving from one apartment to another will take a U-Haul truck.” CT


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