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How I got sucked into spending real money on Kim Kardashian’s smartphone game


I’ve never been the kind of person that has been incredibly interested in gaming. My latest console, a Playstation 3, is used as glorified Netflix and Hulu outlet as opposed to a gaming tool.

As the reign of the smartphone stands strong, games for iPhones and Android phones have begun taking over our daily lives.

I can’t count how many times I rolled my eyes whenever I heard people freaking out over a specific level on Candy Crush or scoffed when they actually paid money to advance.

My cellphone usage has generally been limited to social media, texting stupid memes and animated gifs to my loved ones and trying to master the perfect selfie.

Nonetheless, I caught wind of a game that combined a few of my favorite things. I like cute clothes and I’ve always been a fan of reality television.

Finding out that there was a game available that would basically entail trying out cute clothes while becoming friends with Kim Kardashian, I decided to download my first smartphone game. Thus, Kim Kardashian Hollywood found a home on my iPhone.

The concept of the game is that you, a nobody working at a random boutique in Hollywood, meet Kim Kardashian and immediately enter the world of pop culture celebrity.

As Kardashian’s friend, players sign with a talent agent, partake in photo shoots and try to date up the social ladder.

The best part of the game is the ability to modify your avatar. You’re able to choose your gender, physical appearance and clothing.

Since the girl avatars had a better assortment of wigs and outfits, I decided that I was going to play as Jorgina, a thin, light-skinned girl with a fierce Victoria Beckham-inspired short bob and green eyes. Basically, Jorgina is the complete opposite of me.

Playing the game was an addictive experience. You complete tasks by simply tapping on the screen. The mundane simplicity was not lost on me as I spent over two hours on my first session. By doing things like posing, checking your makeup and standing in the light, you complete missions and gain points.

Unfortunately in Kardashian’s world this makes you lose energy. (Yes, it is some very Kardashian logic.) When you run out of energy, you can’t do anything.

The only way to get energy fast is to purchase it using your App Store account and spending real money. Before I knew it, I was on hour three and had purchased $20 on Kardashian stars.

Yes, Jorgina looked flawless. The money enabled me to go from the E-list to the D-list, and with it had come some awesome designer-inspired dresses and fiercer haircuts.

It was only when I got my App Store alert in my email inbox that I had realized that I had actually spent money on a game where my biggest accomplishment had been talking smack about the fictionalized Willow Pape, a Paris Hilton-inspired snob.

Finding myself hovering over the “buy more” option, I realized that I had a problem. And just like that, a few megabytes of space were cleared off of my device.


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