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‘How Does Music Inspire You?’


“Some days, it just inspires me to get through the day. Sometimes if I’m just stuck at a brick wall and I’m writing a paper, I’ll flip through my Pandora and I’ll try Jack Johnson, [I’ll try] Chance the Rapper, [I’ll try] ACDC.” – SAM HOYLE, 19

“I’m just really passionate about music. I love listening to it and it helps get me through times, like hard times, good times. I like going to concerts, listening to it. It gets me through crappy homework and everything. I just like it.” – EMILY KINGSLEY, 20

“Music inspires me to create and write. It gives me the motivation to do my homework and go to the gym. Even casually listening to the radio in the morning will jump start my day compared to getting ready in silence.” – NICOLE TOWER, 19

“I listen to music constantly, when I’m doing homework and such, just all times, I love music. Music was my big thing before I got into politics and I listen to music everyday.” – DAVID MARINO, 19



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