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‘Electric’ Youth: ASU students eager to return to Sun Devil Stadium—next year


By Morgan Cole

ASU football fans are anticipating the beginning of the Pac-12 seven-game season, which begins, for the Sun Devils, on November 7 against USC.

The Pac-12 voted to call off fall sports on August 11, leading to an uproar from gridiron fans. Several ASU football players tweeted #WeWantToPlay.

More than a month later, on September 24, the Pac-12 unanimously OK’d a seven-game football season.

ASU students were thrilled by this last-minute decision.

Sophomore Sara Detwiler says she was jumping up and down when she heard the news.

“It brought back that sense of normalcy,” Detwiler says.

Classmate Katie Davis had a similar reaction.

“When they said they were coming back in November, I literally screamed,” Davis says.

As of now, the Pac-12 is not allowing fans at these games, leaving them to resort to watching televised games.

ASU sports journalism student Ryan Blank says if the Pac-12 flips and allows fans, he’ll be the first one in line. Davis would attend one game.

“I would do my part in wearing my mask and having my hand sanitizer in my clear bag, but I would totally come and watch,” she says.

Davis says she understands why the Pac-12 wouldn’t allow fans. She acknowledges not everyone sticks to the CDC guidelines set in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“Even today, yes, it’s required to wear a mask, but not everyone does,” Davis says.

She also said that if the Pac-12 decided to allow a limited number of fans, she would attend at least one game.

In the past, a key part of ASU school spirit was the student section at football games. Because students won’t be allowed at games this year, they will have to find this sense of community in other ways.

Detwiler says—bottom line—she’s just happy to see the games whether it’s in person or on television.

“We’ll deck out in all of our ASU merch no matter what,” Detwiler says.

These students note the peculiar year makes them even more excited to return to Sun Devil Stadium.

“It’s going to be more electric than ever,” Blank says. CT


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