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E-cig shop helps customers vape away the habit


It is hard not to notice the influx of e-cigarette businesses, but despite an increase in vaping in popular culture and everyday life, many smokers have resisted the switch to e-cigs.

E Cigarettes 4 Life general manager Jeff Judge says he deals with customers on a daily basis that either don’t know a thing about e-cigarettes or have previously tried a cheap vape that completely turned them off to the whole shebang.

“I personally quit smoking over a year ago and don’t smoke anymore because of e-cigarettes. It’s different from anything else,” Judge says. The process of quitting smoking is not as easy as some people may think. But there are many options that people can opt for like using a vaporizer, herbal cigarettes, nicotine patches or even try taking up a new hobby. These are just some ways that can help you beat this bad habit. It may be best for you to do a little more research into finding the best way you think may enable you to stop smoking. You may find that one method may work better for you than it did for someone else, but it is up to personal preference. Consistency is key with this one.

Judge use to be a pack/pack and a half a day smoker since he was 14. Now 28, Judge has been cruising with his same set up and juice flavor carts for over six months without a cigarette in sight.

He says he not only feels better, but now he doesn’t have to worry about stinking like an ash tray, hacking up a lung in the morning, or running to a convenience store or smoke shop every day to get his fix.

“Vaping is more convenient and it saves a lot of money. Cigarettes are just getting more and more expensive,” he says. “I smoked a lot, definitely. I tried to quit a couple times with very little success. I cut back a few times but up until I started vaping I had never quit for any amount of time, really.”

Judge only sees the trend growing as dissatisfied smokers try to find something new. At E Cigarettes 4 Life they carry several brands of e-juice including Carry Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid from California, Epic Juice, Kustom Juice, and Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice, which Judge says is probably their most popular seller. They also have E Juice Express, which Judge mentions is like their house juice and is made in Tucson.

The customer base at E Cigarettes 4 Life varies from 18-year-olds that don’t see the glamour in cigarettes to people in their 60s and 70s who have to quit on doctor’s orders. Judge says that it is crucial to have customers walk out with everything they need to know about their purchase so they can stick with it.

“I think the big thing is that it is a commitment more than everything. That was a big thing for me and getting the right set up and flavor that you will like and continue using. What happens to a lot of people is they go to a store and get something that wasn’t explained to them very well and they just want to sell them something to get them out of there,” he says.

Judge says getting a quality starter kit with a quality juice that is to a customer’s liking is the way to go instead of buying a cheap disposable vape pen from a gas station.

“People end up not liking it and putting it in a drawer somewhere, forget about it and go right back to smoking. I try to go everything really thoroughly and explain all the ins and outs of it. If they have any problems they can always come back and I will be here,” he says.

E Cigarettes 4 Life, 4144 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, 602.956.1756, ecigarettes4life.com, Open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


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