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Costumes Through the Decades: This Halloween dress up as your favorite movie character from back in the day


Movies serve as vestiges, preserving a period of time through the clothes and personalities of the past. Dressing up like movie characters from this decade is so played out (here’s looking at you, Harley Quinn and Deadpool), so why not do the ultimate #ThrowbackThursday (even though Halloween is on a Monday this year ⎯ lame) and go as a ghost of movies past? Spoooooky.  



The Great Gatsby

Channel your inner Jay Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan for an eye-catching couple’s costume. For the ladies, think lots of fringe, diamonds and fur. For Gatsby, just throw on a tux and keep a drink in your hand and you’re ready to channel the Roaring Twenties.




Though the biopic about Frida Kahlo’s life arrived on the scene in 2002, it chronicles the Mexican artist’s life and career throughout the ‘30s and ‘40s. Although we can’t all rock Frida’s signature unibrow the way Salma Hayek did in the film, we can toss on some colorful patterned clothes, chunky jewelry and a crown of roses to mimic her dynamic and distinctive look.



Sherlock Holmes

Get Holmes’ signature look with a deerstalker hat, a magnifying glass, a fake mustache (bonus points if you can grow one) and of course, a calabash pipe. Get into character by stroking said mustache, pensively puffing on your pipe and saying things like, “Curious!” and “Elementary!” in your best British accent. You could also grab a buddy to be Watson, whose uniform includes a bowler hat and a tie. Watson’s role is also very significant because the primary responsibility is to spit out, “No shit, Sherlock” all night.  




Danny and Sandy make perfect costumes for couples, but you can also rock the greaser look if you’re going solo. For the fellas, hair gel and leather jackets are essential. Complete the look with a solid black outfit and converse tennis shoes. For Sandy’s vintage va-va-voom aesthetic, matching red heels and lipstick are a must. Tease your hair and practice your best seductive, “Tell me about it, stud” sweet-and-smoky purr.



Almost Famous

Imitate Kate Hudson’s iconic role as Penny Lane in this sex, drugs and rock and roll infused film. Bell bottoms, a totally 70s-inspired knee-length coat and round-rimmed sunglasses will have you looking like Stillwater’s favorite groupie — ahem, Band-Aid — in no time.  



Back to the Future

The puffy red vest he sports in 1989’s “Back to the Future II” is required wear for any Marty McFly costume. Pair it with double denim, a pair of Nikes and a black watch. Make sure to peer down at your timepiece in astonishment periodically to make it authentic.  



Wayne’s World

Polish your “partytimes” and “excellents,” grab a partner and dress up as Wayne and Garth, the quirky SNL-inspired co-hosts. A Garth costume just requires some nappy blonde locks, a beat-up flannel and drumsticks. Wayne rocks a black T-shirt, jeans and a trucker hat. Sick air guitar skills are also a plus.




Napoleon Dynamite

It may be hard to believe this cult classic came out more than a decade ago, but there are probably a few “Vote for Pedro” shirts still floating around on the internet. If you score one of these relics of the early 2000s, tuck it into some high waisted pants and pair it with some Moon Boots and bifocals. A fanny pack and side ponytail are essential accessories for the perfect Deb costume, and all you need is a bolo tie and a mustache to pull of an inspired Pedro.


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