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Costume Your Con at the Last Minute


The Phoenix Comicon is a weekend-long pop culture convention created with nerds in mind. Some people spend months on end putting together a costume in preparation for the big day. Then there are the procrastinators (like us) who just realized while reading this article that they only have a few weeks to craft up something Comicon-worthy.

Have no fear! Last-minute costume ideas are here! Whether you are a cosplay professional or heading to the event for the first time, you’ll soon realize that dressing up is part of the experience. If purchasing an expensive costume isn’t part of your budget, here are some easy, last-minute costume ideas that are sure to bring out your inner geek without breaking the bank.

Costume: Modern Superhero
How to do it: Everyone loves superheroes, but a cape, spandex and superpowers are hard to come by at the last minute. For a modern twist on the classic hero, head down to your local clothing store and pick up a superhero logo T-shirt, jeans and accessories of your choice for a toned done version of any of your favorites. A “Superman” T-shirt would be perfect underneath a slightly unbuttoned white top to hide his true identity. Slip on some black-framed glasses and you’ll be unrecognizable by your average citizen—until evil strikes, that is.

Costume: Implied Disney Princess
How to do it: While fairy tales depict princesses dressed in beautiful ball gowns, wearing layers of clothing in 100 degree weather is unbearable. Ladies, you don’t have to suffer for beauty with these versions of your favorite princesses. Flowy dresses, tank tops and shorts can easily be made into the perfect costume. Pick colors and props associated with your princess and go wild with your interpretation. You probably already have enough clothes in your closet to create the ultimate look. For a quick Snow White, find a blue top, yellow skirt and red cardigan for an implied version of her dress. A red ribbon can be tied in your hair as an extra accessory. If you want to be even more accurate, you can carry around an apple all day until you get hungry.

Costume: A Play on Pop Art
How to do it: If you can’t narrow down your favorite character, why not dress like you just walked out of a comic book? For this costume, all you’ll really need is makeup and a lot of patience. Find your favorite style to replicate and get to painting. This look is full of thick outlines, animated colors and repeated dots. Essential basics include white or red face paint, eyeliner, mascara, bright eye shadows and a vibrant lipstick. Simply outline your face with the eyeliner and place multiple dots all around with the face paint. Add a pop of color with the eye shadow on your lids and finish the look off with the lipstick. For an extra personality touch, take some of the eye shadow and give your character a tear or “POW” sign.

Costume: Mario and Luigi
How to do it: This dynamic duo has been helping video game nerds all over the world save princesses, defeat gorillas and eat magical mushrooms for over 30 years. What better way to repay them for the fun than by dressing up as them? This costume can be made faster than you can say, “Mamma Mia!” If you’re going with a friend or significant other, this is especially one of the best (and easiest) couple’s costumes out there. All you need is a red and green shirt, overalls, red and green hats, gloves and, of course, the mustaches (real or fake).

Costume: Where’s Waldo?
How to do it:You might remember spending countless hours as a kid flipping through pages trying to find that man wearing the red and white striped shirt in a sea of people. Now, you can be Waldo in real life at a convention of over 77,000 people! All you need is the iconic striped shirt, a red and white hat, jeans and black round glasses. While the costume may be simple, it will probably stand out the most, especially when you hear someone yell, “I found him!”

Costume: The Boy Who Lived
How to do it: While they’ll be plenty of wizards and witches at the convention, the most famous one has to be Harry Potter. Luckily, his look isn’t hard to copy. You’re going to need a black robe, a scarlet and gold tie and thin round glasses. Don’t forget to paint on Harry’s forehead scar to keep it authentic. Props to go along with this costume could be a stuffed owl, a broom and even your own magic wand to defeat the Dark Lord.



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