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Clothes Call: Five things you can dig out of the back of your closet now that it’s fall


“Fall” in Arizona means lots of things: Cardinals mania, tons of local pumpkin beers and giving a collective middle finger to daylight saving time. It’s also finally bearable to be outside for more than five minutes, which means we can say “goodbye” to sundresses and “hello” to sweaters. Here are five more clothing items that symbolize the start of fall.


At long last, the time has come to channel your inner Kurt Cobain and flaunt the flannel. Whether you tie it around your waste, layer it with a jean jacket or throw it over a T-shirt for a laidback look, flannels are a perfect way to complete any fall fit.


Everyone’s favorite solution for bad hair days is now socially acceptable and will no longer make you suffer from Sweaty Head Syndrome. Wear a solid, bright beanie for a pop of color. Alternatively, use your headgear to show off your school spirit or rep your favorite sports team.


It’s time to tuck away the flip-flops and pull on some cozy socks (unless you wear flip-flops with socks, in which case we can’t help you) and bust out those boots! Whether you’re an Ugg enthusiast, desert boot devotee or combat boot connoisseur, boots are an essential fall fashion staple for both guys and girls.


It’s common knowledge that pairing a hoodie with practically any outfit ¾ even shorts or a dress ¾  is fair game. Hoodies are a great way to stay cozy without compromising your style.

Fall Colors

Tired of seeing the same bright pinks and blues from summer? Make like a tree and change colors! It’s time to transition to earthy tones like burnt orange, tan and burgundy. Incorporate these colors into your wardrobe, jewelry, and even your makeup.


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