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ASU is No. 1 in Innovation…Again


ASU completed a “three-peat” in innovation this year by securing the No. 1 ranking on U.S. News and World Report’s most innovative universities list again.

The No. 1 in innovation ranking has become a common topic amongst students on all four campuses. ASU students never hesitate to showcase their Sun Devil spirit, and the continued ranking has evolved into yet another way for them to flaunt the university’s excellence.

According to the U.S. News and World Report website, the list of most innovative schools was determined by a committee of influential university officials across the country. Each official nominated a list of schools based on their technology, courses, students, campus life, staff or facilities, and the schools most commonly recognized were formulated into the rankings.

“Our colleagues at colleges and universities around the country are very interested in what we’re doing, and they pay close attention to all that we have been able to achieve,” ASU president Michael Crow says. “They know that all the cool stuff is going on at ASU.”

Stanford and MIT secured the rankings just below ASU for the third year in a row as well. Since the list’s initial publication three years ago, the top three schools have kept their innovative rankings without fail.

And ASU faculty isn’t planning on slowing down the innovation anytime soon, in order to keep their coveted No. 1 spot.

“We now know that because of our innovation platform and our innovation culture, we’re just getting started,” Crow says. “Our pace of innovation is not just continuing, it’s accelerating.”

ASU has several initiatives in action that have contributed to their growing success as an innovative university, including the Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience.

The center is designed to be omni-locational and promote a centered, focused mind during all student and faculty academic interactions.

“(The programs) often start with the self. That’s often the very beginning… but that’s not where it ends,” says ASU Chief Well-Being Officer and College of Nursing and Health Innovation Dean Teri Pipe. “When we take care of ourselves in that way, we can be more compassionate.”

Pipe believes the compassion that is fostered through her programs is especially necessary in the current sociopolitical climate. She hopes her efforts will build a stronger, more empathetic community on ASU campuses, as well as foster innovation.

“I want to make a link between mindfulness and innovation. We are at our most innovative when we can really be clearly centered,” she says. “If we can get out of our distracted mode and into our centered mode, we can truly be innovative.”

This center, along with several other research, arts and technology-based efforts, has brought the university into focus as an innovative community.


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