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All fun and games: Keep these handy to relieve stressors


By Grant Greabell

College can be a daunting time for a young person, especially if this is a student’s first time living on their own. Homework, labs, internships and exams are challenging and stressful for college students.

To relieve stress — even if for just a few minutes — keep a few games handy. More so, games can help roommates bond.


Spikeball is a game that can be played with two to four people. It can be stashed away behind a cabinet or under a bed, making it an easy game to keep in a dorm. While it can’t be played within the confines of a dorm room, as it is almost like a miniature version of volleyball, you don’t need that much space when taken outside. Players need just enough room, so the ball doesn’t hit anyone or anything. It can be played on a basketball court, courtyard or pretty much any space where you are out in the open. Not to mention, being up to a four-person game, it will help you get to know some of your dorm neighbors.


Chess is the most prolific game of strategy there is. Travel-sized boards can neatly fit in a backpack. This classic is the perfect game for a study break when you don’t want your brain to be completely turned off yet. You don’t have to be as serious as “The Queen’s Gambit,” but it certainly requires the player to tap into their minds in the midst of a game. As an added bonus, if you’re able to become proficient at chess, people will assume that you are an intellectual.


This isn’t merely a suggestion. If you didn’t pack your mini hoop, pack it. If you do not have a mini hoop, buy one. This item is truly a college dorm room staple. Have you ever seen any college-related movie that didn’t have one hanging on the door? Didn’t think so. There is no better feeling than submitting that paper you have been working tirelessly on or acing that quiz and then sinking a one-handed shot from your desk. A dorm is not a dorm without a mini-basketball hoop.


This is a game that can bring the dorm floor together. A card game is based on being as funny as possible, What Do You Meme has a judge who shows a picture at the beginning of every round, and the players use their “caption” cards to come up with the funniest caption for the picture. It is a somewhat more appropriate version of Cards Against Humanity, which is another game that is based on humor. It helps bring people together and is definitely a must-have for a dorm, as a couple of hours can go by quickly. That is of course if you have already finished all your homework! CT


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