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A Party on Wheels: Arizona Party Bike expands service to Phoenix and Tempe


A new way to celebrate your festivities on the go is taking hold in the Valley, and Arizona Party Bike has you covered.

Yes, you heard that right. Not a party bus, not a limousine, but a party bike: a 14-seat open vehicle designed for exactly that – partying.

But while a party bike and a party bus serve similar purposes, the experience, Arizona Party Bike owner Robert Mayer says, is what differentiates the two.

“The biggest difference besides the fact that you’re pedaling when it comes to a party is it’s open air, so other people can see you,” Mayer says. “Other people can see you jamming out to music and drinking your beer while pedaling down the street, so it definitely gets attention, and I think people like that.”

Arizona Party Bike, which was founded and began manufacturing bikes in 2011, previously only operated in Scottsdale and Tucson. Now the company has added Phoenix and Tempe to its sphere of operation.

The bike features a full sound system and LED lighting, but perhaps the most notable feature is the allowance of alcohol on board. Despite being an open vehicle, patrons are encouraged to bring their own wine or beer.

“We got the state law changed in 2015 to allow alcohol on board, and that is basically why we’re expanding throughout the rest of the state,” Mayer says.

Tourists use Arizona Party Bike for myriad occasions, and the company can take you to pretty much any local destination you designate. Especially popular uses include pub crawls and other private parties, namely birthdays. Arizona Party Bike even rents out individual seats for public tours.

“In Scottsdale, we get a lot of tourists and bachelorette parties,” Mayer says. “If it’s in Tempe or Tucson – around December or May – you get a lot of graduation parties or end-of-the-year parties.”

But, as Mayer says, the unique 14-person bike isn’t as difficult to operate as one might think. Of the bike’s 14 seats, 10 have pedals, and only eight are required to be in use. The Arizona Party Bike is also equipped with a company driver and a motor to aid the process.

“It’s pretty easy to pedal, but we actually have an electric motor system that we’ve incorporated on there just like on a golf cart,” he explains. “That assists the pedalers and makes it really easy.”

Now operating in its two new locations, Arizona Party Bike is starting to catch on with locals, and is already seeing results in both Tempe and Phoenix.

“We’ve definitely started to pick up in Tempe and Phoenix,” Mayer says. “Usually it takes about a year or so to catch on in a new location. Plus they’re all pretty close together, but they are starting to catch on.”

While Arizona Party Bike has been operating in the state for the past six years, the idea of a party bike is still new to some people, Mayer says.

“Even after all these years, there’s a lot of people who have never seen it or even heard about it,” he says. “You’re always encountering people who’ve never seen it before and they want to do it.”

But for those who have experienced the Arizona Party Bike firsthand, the unique vehicle keeps them coming back.

“We also have people who at this point have done it two, three, even four times,” he says. “And then when we add a new location like Tempe or Phoenix, it’s like a whole new experience because there’s a whole different scene – whole different bars you can go to… So every new location we open up, at least in terms of the Valley, is a new experience for even the older customers.”

For more information, visit arizonapartybike.com.


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