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5 Ways To Find Your Fall Semester Textbooks


By Brandie Bosworth

Let’s face it: college is expensive. Tuition alone is thousands of dollars a semester, not to mention the costs of parking, food, living arrangements and course materials. Being savvy about how you spend your money can impact your college experience. Here’s a few of the best ways to get your textbooks and check one box off your back-to-school list.


A good place to find student-to-student textbook exchanges is by looking up Facebook groups for your university. Arizona universities have groups like ASU Book Exchange and NAU Books for Sale. Students who may have taken the same classes that you are currently enrolled in will post their old textbooks in the group. They understand what it’s like being a student, and often times their selling price for the book is less than anywhere else. Plus, if they live in your area you can meet them in person, possibly on campus, for a hassle-free exchange and save on shipping costs. Who knows—maybe they can give you tips on the course, too!


Chegg offers textbooks to rent and buy for up to 90% off. You can also take advantage of Chegg Study, which allows you to send questions to their experts (even at 11 p.m. when your deadline is 11:59 p.m.) and receive help within half an hour. The Chegg site also has resources for students including search engines for scholarships, tutors and internships.


Digital versions of required readings can be found places like eCampus.com and Barnes & Noble Nook, to name a few. Purchasing an electronic copy instead of a hard copy can be lighter for your backpack and your wallet. Plus, if you won’t forget your book at home when you need to use it in class.


Amazon is another viable option to get textbooks fast. Prime Student will give you free two-day shipping on your books and is half the cost of a regular Prime subscription. Like Chegg, it offers up to a 90% discount on your back-to-school essentials. Students can rent, buy or sell their textbooks all in one place.


Smaller bookstores carry a lot of classics like “To Kill A Mockingbird,” “Lord of the Flies” and Shakespeare stories you may need to read and study in your literature and English classes. These bookstores have copies that more often than not are cheaper than going to your college bookstore. Phoenix businesses include Half Price Books and Changing Hands. CT


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